Time On My Hands . . .

Well, you KNOW I can’t be saying what that title sounds like I’m saying, right? If there were any extra time around here these days, I would sleep! Not sit around talking about it.

What I mean is “time on my hands” literally . . .

In Tucson last February, I was blessed to run into a guy who had some watch charms. There are watch charms all over the place, but the keyword here was WATCH. They really work – they really are a watch.

So, I wanted to make charm bracelets with them, and I have finally gotten around to it. This one is a bit Southwestern with the turquoise color and spiral charms. (no, that is not real turquoise or this bracelet would be way too expensive to be fun!)

I have made a few so far – Here’s another (these are just detail shots of the middle section) . . .

I have put them in the gallery (AND on my website!! More about that in a minute.)

Displaying a dangly bracelet is challenging in a retail setting. You have to arrange them just so, and then as soon as a customer tries them on, they end up in a messy heap.

I thought up a great display idea that I want to share. I think it is pretty “uptown”, but it was inexpensive and easy to do.

This is a cork tile (from Amazon) in a shadowbox frame (from IKEA). I had to trim the 12″x12″ cork tile to fit, but that was easy enough.

This will stand on its own or hang on a wall. I love the way it looks, and I just know I am going to come up with additional ways to put this to work.

You can see all of these on my jessica website (and buy them too!)

So, about the website . . .

Well, the Queen Bee around here (that’s me) issued an edict to the minions around here (that’s me), that there would be a completed art website at



Everything else must be put aside until it was at least mostly done.

So, poor me, I had to set aside all the fun of downloading videos from MobileMe to save them from a horrible death, and building elaborate defense mechanisms for my poor Morning Glories to save them from a horrible death (cages and sticks and black pepper and cat clumps, and something is STILL eating every shoot that escapes the cage, and makes a run for the trellis! Grrrrr!) Suggestions?

Anyway, all that had to be put on hold while I returned to my website project. I wasn’t even allowed to have my Sunday morning coffee!!

I put the Watch jewelry and the hand-stamped pendants I showed you before on the site, and I put most of my gallery card shop on there, and I haven’t quite developed the photography section yet, which will be done as an incorporated WordPress site so I can show the photos the way they should be shown.

But, I would love for you to visit, and make sure it is all working (except the photography).

The idea is that I will have a place to showcase and sell my own art – the stuff I create for the gallery, and maybe some work that won’t even go to the gallery.

Anyway, so far, so good, I think . . .

Please tell me what you think:


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