A Month in the Life… Elk Bones, Tube Cats, and Wine Glasses

I sat down with the laptop last night to do my post.

Within 45 seconds, I knew that if I attempted to type a post, it would look like this:


Not only because I was SO tired, but also because, when I do fall asleep at the keyboard, it is usually with my finger on a key. I just figured it would likely be the Z.

The Kitty Tube . . .

So, about that Kitty tube. If this isn’t the most wonderful photo of a perfectly behaved and docile feline, I don’t know what is. This is my Mom’s cat, Missy, relaxing in her new toy.

Ordinarily, she is not relaxing in this new toy. She is usually leaping and rolling and popping out the hole in the middle. Mom says it’s her best toy ever.

Look for it at Walmart. It collapses flat like those leaf baskets for the yard, when the cat isn’t rolling it all over the house. Great holiday gift for your feline friends, and friends with felines. Inexpensive too.

The Elk Bones . . .

We have some neighbors who have Northern dogs like we do. They also have friends who hunt (eeew!) Mark accuses me of still hauling around my Bambi issues in my life baggage. He’s right. Bambi’s mother-loss was very traumatic.

Anyway, my friend, Tanya, who is from Australia and much less of a wuss than me, brought over some Elk bones for my dogs. (double eeew!) She said my dogs would think they were in heaven and it was good for their teeth.

I could not handle the whole idea, and made Mark dole the bones out to the dogs last evening.

They did think they were in heaven. They also thought they should break off shards and eat them. Both of us spent the next hour running between one and the other to take the shards away, and getting growled at – by the dogs and by each other – because I didn’t want to touch the bones, and Mark didn’t want to get up out of his chair that often.

There was something very primal about the whole thing.

I have tried to be a vegetarian but my physiology does not agree, and after a week or so with no meat, I start to feel the need to go hunting myself, God forbid. So, I remain an involuntary carnivore.

I try to stick to shrimp and roast chicken and thank those critters for their sacrifice and apologize and feel the appropriate amount of guilt.

I will say it publicly: “I am so sorry, shrimps and chickens. Please forgive”

And to the Elk: “It really wasn’ t my fault.”

Wine Glasses . . .

I spent most of yesterday talking to artists and making the final orders for the gallery for the holiday season.

I have been searching for VERY COOL wine glasses because I think they make great gifts. And I love wine glasses. And I love wine.

I especially love these blue wine glasses, created by Debb Cusick, a stained glass artist in Colorado. I ordered them with the horse motif, and also a Gecko and a Shaman design. I like the reflection in this photo too.

I LOVE clever ideas. When I saw these wine glasses, created by Kathryn Gooding out in the San Francisco Bay Area, my traffic was stopped. What a completely wonderful idea!

To me, the most creative results happen when incongruous things are combined and it works.

And this beautiful design is by Kathryn also . . .

The grape clusters are made of burgundy colored Swarovski crystals.

All these glasses are etched by sandblasting and they are BIG. Over nine inches tall. They will hold lots of Chardonnay, and that is a good thing in my book.

I am wondering whether my local customers will understand the idea of wine glass as artwork and pay the $24 to $30 price tag for each glass? We shall see.

Would you pay $24 – $30 for a beautiful wine glass?

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