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I haven’t really reported on the Garden Room this year, but with the fifteen Hibiscus and the help of my alcohol spray, things are looking pretty good.

It is pretty tricky to photograph any orange, yellow, or red flower in any bright light – the color bleeds out. So, I took this one in the dark – almost – at sunrise with the iPad camera, which somehow, seems able to do what most real cameras can’t. I don’t get it, but that thing takes the best photos in the lowest light.

Photography is changing so much as the result of the digital age. It is becoming so many different things that sometimes you must wonder if the original art form will continue to exist at all.

And then you run across something like the National Geographic Travel Photo contest.

National Geographic is like the Holy Grail for photographers. I don’t mean photo-shooters. I mean *real* photographers who understand photography as a fine art form.

The editors at National Geographic have set the bar so high that even the best of the best, feel honored to have their work accepted.

National Geographic editors are notorious for upholding standards that most folks don’t even know exist. For example, they will not even look at landscape photos that were shot at anytime between dawn and dusk because they know that dawn and dusk are the only time the light lends itself to awesome landscape photography.

I forgot about looking for the contest results in July, and was just recently reminded to go look.

There are 40 photos to view and each is accompanied by a little story about where and when it was taken. A couple of the photos are not what I would call up-to-snuff, but enough of them are heart stoppers to make this a celebration of excellence, a great travelogue, and a reassurance that photography is not a lost art. Not yet anyway.

Enjoy the journey:

National Geographic Travel Photo Contest

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