A Month in the Life… Zippers and iPads

Zipper Jewelry

I promised to show you some details from the gallery and I have not had a chance to take those photos, so I will start here by showing you one of our best sellers. These are NOT as displayed in the gallery – they are lying on my worktable in the studio. In the gallery, I hang them from a little tree.

These make awesome stocking stuffer gifts or gift embellishments, and you can make your own if you have some chain nose jewelry pliers and a wire cutter, and know how to open and close a jump ring. That’s all there is to it.

Not only are these great little gifts, that can go into a handmade card for someone, they can also be attached to any gift which has a zipper or other loop (purses, backpacks, jackets, etc.) Oh, and even wineglasses, I guess – since they can have zippers now!

Here is the page from my Jewelry Sketches Journal (which I keep on my iPad). It shows you exactly how Zipper Jewelry is assembled . . .

Just use the wire cutters to cut the chain into one inch pieces and use the jump rings to attach it to a lobster claw clasp at one end, and some sweet charm at the other.

You can find the lobster claws, jump rings, and lots of charms in the jewelry section of Michaels, Hobby Lobby etc. You can find sets of jewelry tools there too. Etsy has many charm sellers in the Supplies section, and I like giving them my business when I can.

I use lots of charms for special interests as well as just pretty ones, and we sell the daylights out of these, so you know it will be an appreciated gift.

This idea is one of my Holiday Gifts to you, dear Readers.

You’re welcome.

iPad Studio Workshop Lives On!!!!

It is funny how I make decisions and I won’t bore you with the details, but somebody did something that got under my skin.

At first, I was miffed.

It made me think “Well . . . THIS. . . and THAT! Grunp . . . grump . . . grump.

All that wasn’t doing me much good.

And then I realized that a decision I had been struggling with had been made by this incident.

Yippee!! Happy . . . happy. . . happy.

Every cloud has a silver lining. It just might take a little while for the cloud part to get out of the way so you can see the silver part.

ANYWAY . . .

The wonderful iPad Studio workshop will continue as a Whenever, self-paced workshop. In the same classroom with the 125+ students who are already there. So the sharing can continue. There are no assignments or deadlines, so everybody works at their own pace.

I will not be selling the Workbooks individually because they build on each other, and the workshop should stay intact as a body of learning. Only the first Workbook will be sold on its own as an option, so folks can get a taste of the style. That $15 purchase price can then be deducted from the full tuition if/when you join the workshop.

Students really like this workshop.

Here is one piece of feedback that warmed my heart:

I am so happy! This course is absolutely wonderful. I just love how you make it so that I can understand everything. I have such trouble trying to read instructions, I don’t think I am dumb but I just cannot seem to do it. Your courses on the other hand I can understand and I am so IN LOVE WITH IT ALREADY AND I AM ONLY ¬†ON MODULE 2,

I don’t think I could ever say enough or praise you enough for the content, the ease of instructions and comprehension, but more than all that – the amount of time and effort that you have put into this for us all. I can honestly say that there is no way I could ever learn this by myself. You must have spent countless hours doing this, and I for one am SO GRATEFUL.

I have bought a few of the apps you mention but I am just not smart or savvy enough to work out and discover what they do.

I am having such a blast,THANK YOU THANK YOU

And thank you again


Sent from my iPad

Now if that wouldn’t make me smile, nothing would. Bless you, Judith!

This season, Santa will bring many iPads to smiling artists everywhere, and we have a place for them to learn how magical a gift that is. Get your letter off to Santa if you haven’t already.

Gotta go make Zipper Jewelry .

You too.

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