A Month in the Life . . . The Gallery

From 6pm Friday evening, with the exception of a few hours of studio time yesterday, I have been being a social butterfly.

I found out I am not really very social. It’s more tiring than anything else I do! I find myself in the middle of a party, wishing I was home with the dogs. Do any of you ever feel like that?

Friday night, there was a cocktail party at the Gourmet Pet Food store (Eldorado Country Pet) for all the merchants in our center, and most of them came. It was fun. We sat around on bags of dog food and drank wine and ate hors d’oeuvres. Our veterinarian ate a Christmas cookie on a dare – it was a dog cookie. One of the ingredients was chicken livers.

On Saturday, there was an all day open house throughout the shopping center, with live music all afternoon  by one of my favorite local bands. Then we had dinner at the restaurant next door with some neighbor friends (the Elk bone ones in fact, but don’t worry, we had pasta).

On Sunday, I got up early and locked myself in the studio to get some jewelry and other things done for the gallery, because, in the afternoon, Mark’s car club was having their Christmas party. We got our first big snow of the season, but we braved it anyway. I went straight from flip-flops on Saturday to snow boots on Sunday.

That was weird. The snow boots, not the car club party.

At the party, they did something fun that might work for any large holiday party. They had shopped the dollar stores etc. and bought a hundred or so small gifts of every kind imaginable.

Then, there was a list of strange questions like “Who has NEVER worn a Halloween costume? Who does NOT have a middle name? Who has EVER survived a natural disaster?  Who has EVER kissed a camel?” etc.

If you fit the bill, you got to go up and choose a prize. I was on a roll for awhile – until they got to that kissing a camel part.

On second thought, maybe the party was weird.

Anyway, I am getting lots of email asking to see the gallery.

And to my friend, Lani – I am so sorry you did not find us. We are right across the courtyard from the Pet Food store, so I don’t know why they couldn’t direct you. Did you ask for the Art Garden or He Says… She Says…? We go by both.

For anyone who wants to come visit, we are in the courtyard of the Agora Market Center in Eldorado at Santa Fe, which is a village located five miles southeast of Santa Fe via I-25 North (not a typo – strange but true).

It’s the shopping center that has the market – on the right as you turn in the main entrance to Eldorado. We are in the courtyard between the Post Office and the restaurant. Store phone is 505-466-1225 if you need it.

The photo above is a partial shot of the gallery from outside. We usually have quite a few things outside the store because it is protected by a portal. The furniture you see is made by a local artist.

In the photo below, we are looking across the courtyard at the whole front of the store – which runs from the second column you see to the sixth column. The courtyard is open to the sky, and the chairs and tables are the outdoor seating for the restaurant to the left of the gallery.

At the doorway is a little entrance area, and from there, looking right, the gallery looks like this . . .

The doorway leads to a smaller room that has more goodies.

If you walked to your right around the lamps, turned around and looked back, it would look like this . . .

The area starting from the Persian rug is where Mark’s consignment stuff is. Combining the two – the old and new – is tricky to put it mildly.

This gives you a beginning idea of what the place is like. It is less than half the size of the original gallery in the center across the street, but this is a much better location, and we have more than tripled our sales.

I will be back tomorrow with some detail photos.

Right now, I have to grab some more studio time! Lot’s to do!

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