Sunday Morning Coffee #24

Re Growing Celery

I think this idea may have gone viral. I had never heard of it, and then I read about it twice in three days.

Since I currently have SO many pots of soil around, I thought I would try it instead of just saving the idea for later.

The celery I had in the refrigerator was on its last legs, and then some, but if I went to the store for more, I would loose my get-it-done momentum.

I cut off the bottom inch and a half or so of the bunch. It looked like a blossom of sorts. Because the very bottom was dried up and sort of brown, I cut a slice off that too.

Then I set the little blossom in a pot of moist soil and set it in a part shade spot in the garden.

By the second day, I saw the points of leaves starting to peak up inside the “blossom”. By a week later (yesterday) my leaves were going to town, and the blossom part was drying out, so I covered it with potting mix. This is how it looked this morning.

Supposedly, this will become a whole new bunch of celery! So far, so good.

Garden Progress Report . . .

The hardscaping is mostly done. I now have to remove the volunteer baby trees and sunflowers growing up through my non-grout.

After that, I will sprinkle Preen into the spaces between the flagstone, and it will prevent any weed seeds from germinating.

Are you familiar with Preen? It does not kill any growing or rooted plant. It is a pre-emergent. It keeps weed seeds from germinating and it really works. You sprinkle it where ¬†you don’t want weeds, and then wet it down with the hose.

Preen Routine Video

I went back and got earlier photos to show the progress I have made in the garden so far this year. It does me good to see them because sometimes I feel I’m not making enough headway. But, even I have to admit I got some stuff done when I look at these photos.

This last photo was taken this morning while Timber and I had coffee in the garden.

Timber takes it all quite seriously – watches my every move, and gives lots of advice.

Artist/Blog of the Week

This artist blog is delicious in many way!

Heather Diane is an illustrator and sign painter living in Berkeley, California.

Her two loves are image making and food, so she combines them in her wonderful blog:

Illustrated Bites

One of my favorite things is the illustrated How-To, and Heather does such a wonderful job with them. Her style is so simple, and yet so rich.

I will be adding Inspired Bites to my blog roll – I like it that much!

My Latest Jewelry Projects . . .

I love words in jewelry, but am sick to death of the same old 20 that always show up.

So, I call these pendants Great Expectations – wear what you expect (or want) to have more of in your life. They are fun to create, and yes, I did make the bails, because I couldn’t find any that would work.

More pictures than words this week, but a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

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