Sunday Morning Coffee #25


Here is my favorite photo from the garden this week. I hang garden jewelry in several places and try to coordinate the colors with floral colors when I can.

For the first time last year, I had Doves in my garden. They came back this year. I just assumed they were Mourning Doves. But I finally got a good photo of one and realized they are actually Ringneck Doves which are not that commonly sighted in the wild. I guess most are kept as pets. I know some of you live nearby. Have you seen this kind of Dove in your area?

Anyway, they coo like a Mourning Dove, but they also have this great cackle-laugh. For awhile, I didn’t realize that sound was coming from the same bird, and couldn’t figure out what other creature, with a strange sense of humor, was living in my yard. And what’s so funny?

Speaking of things rarely seen around here:

Sheer Heaven 20/20 Sale!!!

I have not had one of these sales in more than a year – April, 2011 to be exact.

By the time the next one might have come along, I was facing the no-Sheer-Heaven-retooling crisis, and the fear that the product would cease to exist.

As you know, I stepped to the plate on that one, resulting in a new supply of product and a hike in pricing to help pay for the big bucks I was forced to spend to make that happen.

Looking at the current pricing structure, I honestly have been thinking that a 20/20 sale is an unrealistic idea. I no longer even sell the 100 Pack – which represented that $1.00 per sheet pricing.

But, to celebrate that Sheer Heaven DOES still exist, and I have enough stock once again, I am going to do this one more time – just through the 4th of July.

On a 20 Pack for $20.00, you save $17.00 off the regular price!

This Sale is for blog readers only, and cannot be found through the regular Sheer Heaven pages. It can be accessed only through this link:

Sheer Heaven 20/20 Sale

There is no limit to how many 20 Packs you can order, but be aware that only two fit the Flat Rate Envelope. Three or more packs will go into a Flat Rate Box and incur an additional $5.50 in postage. If you use a credit card, I will add that when processing your order. If you use PayPal, you must add it to the amount you are paying because I can’t change that. The Shopping Cart can’t figure it right, so we have to.

International orders have a a Two Pack minimum.

And speakaing of strange things in the garden . . .

Sheer Heaven Rescues the Morning Glories . . .

There’s more to creative living than drawing pictures! You have to be thinking out-of-the-box to solve most problems.

I have mentioned that my Morning Glories, which are outside the courtyard gate, were getting eaten every evening by somebody (I suspect those Bunnies). None of my usual tricks were working, so I built cages for them made of hardware cloth . . .

See those extra pieces between? Those were the covers I put on top every night.

See those tendrils? Morning Glories have to be free to grow up the trellis. But everytime I let those tendrils out of the cage – poof – gone!

We ALL got frustrated. I had to get mad every morning, the Morning Glories had to grow new tendrils over and over, and even the Bunnies were not having the easy time they used to.

I put long sticks in the ground inside the cages so the tendrils could climb up them to the trellis. But I obviously could not put the covers on then, and those Bunnies would just be having Morning Glory Kebobs.

Then I thought of Sheer Heaven. I still have a few large sheets that I use for making lamps. Why not use them as a protective “chimney” . . .

I do this with all three plants every night, and take them off every morning. Bunnies and Mice can’t climb it, and water can’t hurt it.

This has worked great! And I can still reclaim the Sheer Heaven when this crisis is over.

I know you don’t have big Sheer Heaven sheets, but I bet freezer paper might work if you are having this problem.

Product Review – I LOVE IT!

Big surprise in Hobby Lobby (or Michaels?) the other day. My Mom wanted some all purpose glue to fix some of the things her kitten is breaking (grin), and she asked my advice.

My first glue answer is always E6000 because it will glue anything to anything! (Remember my picture hangers on the stucco walls of the Garden Room? They are still there and doing the job.)

But the problem with E6000 is that it is so thick and gooey. It is hard to use it for small jobs. Also, you have to wait 24 hours for it to cure, and clamp or brace things for a couple of hours so they don’t move while the E6000 sets.

But lo and behold – E6000 now comes in a thinner version!

Did you know this? I did not know this!

The thinner viscosity means it can fit in small places – you can even apply it with a toothpick – and best of all, it sets in 2-3 minutes.

You can find it at most craft stores and online.

Artist of the Week Riusuke Fukahori

This video was sent to me by a blog friend (thank you, Anne). Artists like this just amaze me. It is not only the intricacies of what they do, and the incredible results, but their almighty patience with a subject. Why has this guy not gone mad from looking at and painting so many goldfish? How can goldfish hold his attention for as long as they have?

Now, don’t miss seeing this because you aren’t a big goldfish fan. It is truly mesmerizing. Here’s the link:

iPad for Sale

Anne Lloyd has her iPad 1 for sale for $225. It is the same model I did all my learning on and I loved it, and sold mine to someone else who loves it when I got my iPad 3.

Here is the description provided by Anne:

This is a lightly used iPad. It’s the original version -16 GB WiFi. I purchased this when they first came out, and very quickly realized that I needed the wireless capability. So this iPad has taken a back seat to the one I use all the time.

It has been updated to the latest iOS version, and I would use the “reset” process, so it’s ready to go. I loaded the art applications Procreate and Adobe Collage to try them on this iPad, and they work well. I have about 25 art and photo apps on the 1st generation iPad I use all the time, and have no problems.

The power adapter is included. I’ll also include a great case – the leather Convertible Bookjacket from incase – that can be configured to form a kind of easel. The price I’m asking for iPad with case is $225.

And here is the link to . . .

Contact Anne

I become more convinced everyday that every artist in the world should have an iPad. It’s a game changer.

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