12 Days of Christmas Sale!

Every December, I have a BIG SALE for my blog Subscribers. Usually, that is a 20/20 Sheer Heaven Sale, but alas, I cannot do that this year. For the first time, our conversion mill must do some retooling and shut down for a large part of January. For the first time ever, I face the possibility that I will temporarily run out of Sheer Heaven, so having a big sale on it right now makes no sense at all.

It has been my experience that when folks take one of my workshops, they want another.

It has also been true that when someone enjoys a workshop, they often buy one for a friend.

So, I have decided that having a 2 for 1 Sale on WHENEVER Workshops might be a sale that is earthshaking enough.

Here’s how it works: You buy two workshops and the second one is free.

Two for you – or buy one for you, and the second as a gift for a friend.

The less expensive of the two is the free one. If both are the same price, one of them is free.

The Shopping Cart cannot figure this out, but I can. I will subtract the free workshop BEFORE processing your charge.

I cannot figure out how to make PayPal work for this, however, so you have to use a VISA or Mastercard through the Shopping Cart this time. If you cannot do that, email me and we will figure something out.

If you are giving a Workshop as a Gift, you must tell me the recipient’s Name and Email address in the Comments section of the order, so I can set up their registration and access to the workshop files, and they will then be eligible to send me questions and get answers as well.

You can then go ahead and Download both Workshop Guides and email one to your friend.


Here is the link to the WHENEVER Workshop page (and you can always find it in the sidebar as well.


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