Sunday Morning Coffee #4 . . .

A Dog With A Bone . . .

You’ve heard this expression, right? Have you ever tried getting a good bone away from a dog? It’s not pretty.

I am like a dog with a bone. When I have what I think is a good or great idea, I can’t let go of it. If it is stalled, or derailed for some reason or another, it stays on my back burner and simmers. Sometimes, it simmers right into a solution.

I have been thinking about an Artist Classifieds site for two years. I actively worked on it for six months. I did a little test with you awhile back and the results did not justify the massive amount of my time it would consume. It went on the back burner, but it did not go away.

Yesterday morning, I discovered something I had never run across before – a way to do this whole concept WITHOUT it taking up all my time. It was possible to create a dedicated classifieds site that could pretty much run itself  – because you just create your own ads whenever you want. This meant that the ads could be cheaper. This meant that we could have FREE ads for stuff that is being given away FREE.

So I set it up – I could not stop myself. My friend, Sue, and I played with it yesterday, and it is EASY and fun.

I decided to let everybody have a go at it for free through December 10, 2011.

After that, the Fee Schedule for Ads and pictures will be amazingly affordable – starting at $3.50 for a week long ad!

Now, I need your Help. This is your big chance to give back to our online art community for all the great gifts you receive.

We need to give this its initial life force.

We need you to go place a free ad. Most everybody has something they can advertise. Go get that beautiful art piece you made for the next craft show. Put it out there for sale. It might make a perfect Christmas gift for someone.

Advertise your website, your blog, your friend’s website or Etsy store. Sell off your art supplies and books that you are no longer using. Or give them away.

The Ads are ALL FREE right now and good for a week. The form you fill out is amazingly easy, and creating an ad takes about 5 minutes or less (I know – I have been practicing.)

AND THEN . . . go forth and blab! Tell every person you know who has interest in things creative. Spread the word in the Groups and communities you belong to. All artists and crafts folks can benefit from this exchange.

Feel free to right-click the Art Market graphic in the sidebar and put it on your site or blog. Blog about advertising in the Art Market so traffic comes back the other way.

Last time we talked about this, some of you worried about showing your ideas to other artists, but you shouldn’t be worried about that. In my experience, it is other artists who appreciate and BUY art more than any other folks. Other artists may just be the best audience for your art. Look at the success of

I am counting on you. Here’s the link (and it will always be in the sidebar):

Can You See Anybody in this Photo?

If you haven’t spotted him yet, look carefully at the front of the front tire.

Is that amazing or what?! Artist, Liu Bolin, works with two assistants to paint himself into a scene and then makes a photograph. I cannot begin to think how you go about planning this. The statement of the art is that man is invisible in the everyday world.

There are 18 samples of Liu’s work here:

Invisible Man

And Speaking of Works of Art . . .

Did you know that the second season of the TV show by that name is well underway on the Bravo channel? I would have told you sooner, but I didn’t know either. Still several episodes to go.

I Like this Sketchy Free Font . . .

The casual look is just right for so many things, and I love the bulkiness of this one:

Sketchy Rockwell Bold

And, Who Says Traditional Crafts and New Technology Don’t Mix?

For Apple fans, they do. How cute is this Finder pillow? And there’s lots more where that came from:

Apple Craft Stuff


Well, that’s it for this Sunday. Have a wonderful day, and go place some Classifieds! Let’s make this idea work!

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