Sunday Morning Coffee #5

Sheer Heaven is Legal . . . at least for a short time . . .

Many of you may recall that I used to offer Sheer Heaven in larger sheet sizes. One day, I stopped, and never really said why.

When the transfer craze hit, it changed things. Most people buying the product were now doing it to make transfers. But the problem is, the Sheer Heaven transfer won’t work on larger sheets because the alcohol evaporates too quickly, and you can’t keep the entire sheet evenly wet. That means spotty, blotchy transfers. I got tired of arguing with folks about it, and just started having my mill rolls converted 100% to 8.5×11 sized sheets.

Only one problem . . . one of my favorite things to make for my gallery is a small lamp called a “luminaria”. Some may remember that these lamps actually led to the creation of Sheer Heaven.

But, making a Luminaria from a letter size sheet of Sheer Heaven, results in a shade that is too small for my lamp bases. Hmmm . . .

Then one day, I created a template for a slip cover for my art journals, because they are all black Moleskine Sketchbooks and I can’t tell them apart. I have to go through all the volumes whenever I want to find a specific thing. I want the slip covers to be made of Sheer Heaven because I don’t want them tearing. And guess what . . . the template would not quite fit on a letter size sheet.

So, with my last mill roll, I had a small portion cut to 8.5 x 14 Legal size sheets. The Art Journal slip cover fit on there, and the sheet made a perfect sized Luminaria shade. Yippee.

I don’t have too much, but I have enough to share with you – to see if this is a size I should add to the line up in the Spring when my next roll comes up for conversion (they are BIG rolls).

Here is my latest Winter Luminaria design.

Of course, you can print anything on the Sheer Heaven, and the Legal sheets will go through any and all desktop inkjets. But I haven’t done any tutorials in awhile, so I am gifting you with not only this design file, but a PDF Tutorial on making perfect Luminarias from Legal Size sheets of Sheer Heaven.

Here they are for download:

and here is the place to get the Legal Sheer Heaven (while it lasts!)

Yes, it is a bit more expensive ($20/10 Pack), not only because of the extra material (25 square inches extra per sheet), but because the converters have to be reconfigured to cut this size.

These Luminarias stand 8.25″ tall and each side measures 3.25″ across. Plenty of room for a candle in a good sized glass, or my preference is one of these (shown lit above) . . . no cords necesssary . . .

You can find them at Amazon and at all the hardware stores. They run on AAA batteries which can be replaced.

Another cool idea for this time of year is to bunch a small string of those tiny Christmas lights (with a white cord) and put the bunch inside the shade. Cut a small notch at the bottom of the back panel for the cord to go out without tilting the shade.

These make WONDERFUL gifts and are fast as can be!

News About the Art Market . . .

I am not thrilled with the response so far, but I am not giving up. I have made the ads free indefinitely and increased the run time to 14 days until I see what happens given some more time. If you don’t have anything to sell or promote – please show support to those who do. Just click the logo in the sidebar. And a big thank you to those who jumped on the bandwagon. Let them know somebody is looking.

BIG Job Ahead . . .

We are moving the two stores into one today and tomorrow, so I don;t have a lot of blog time today. I will share pics when it looks like something.

Great Gift for Creative Types . . .

This is like a rubber clay that sticks to itself and everything else, and allows you to make little fixes and invent new parts for stuff. It hardens (cures) at room temperature in 24 hours. I love the idea of customizing some of my jewelry tools! And fixing my glasses. It’s some kind of silicone derivative and remains flexible after curing.

I really need to explore this one . . .

Don’t Forget the 2 for 1 Workshop Sale!

Goes through the 18th.

Have a wonderful Sunday . . .

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