In Search of True Things . . .

First, a few words about our last discussion re the UniBall Vision Elite Pens.

I heard from a few different people who said they have used and loved them for years, but that they were not waterproof for them. So, I retested mine.

Although I would call the Black and the Red “water-resistant” rather than water proof – i.e. I could smear them with some scrubbing with a waterbrush, I found that my writing does not blur when I am going about my usual wetwork, so they are waterproof enough for me.

The red is the worst one, and it seems that is always the case. When I have dye ink transfers bleed through a page, it is always a pink bleed. Red must be harder to set than other colors.

On the other hand, have you ever tried to get a blood stain out?

I also did some research on the ink. The display where I bought my first pens said they were gel pens. Thats’ where I got the idea. Also from the fact that they have that silky flow when writing that only gel inks seem to have. But the ink has been named Uni Super Ink and oddly enough, they seem to indicate that it is used in their roller pens, gel pens, and jet pens! Some, including the Vision Elite, and a few of the gel pens are designated “water resistant”.

So, I don’t get it, but if you want further details, here is the link to this page at Uni-Ball:

A New Sketch Style

I have been trying to loosen up for years. There is nothing wrong with my art as it is, but I have longed for an alternative style – something more relaxed and more sophisticated at the same time.

I have gotten lots of advice – from sketching blindfolded, not lifting the pen, drawing from behind my back, or with my left hand (I am right handed) and my all time favorite, from a painter friend: tape a large paintbrush to your hand, wrist, and forearm like a splint. Then you can’t do anything detailed. I never tried that one, it would kill me removing the tape, but I think about it a lot.

The Teacup at the top of this post represents a new discovery which is sort of like the paintbrush taped to my arm thing. And it is a gift of the digital realm as most things are these days. The tools are procedural Brushes and I can’t begin to define them except to say that you never know what is going to happen with a brush stroke, so it is impossible to be a perfectionist.

I have seen some really horrible stuff done with procedural brushes (and so have you but you didn’t know it), but if you actually know how to draw (I do) and you keep some restraints on the tool (easy for a perfectionist who can’t loosen up on control), the result can be stylized and consistent.

I like it. Do you like it? It’s not an either/or thing because I am not going to stop doing art the way I have been doing it all my life. This is just a fun thing in addition too.

Food for Thought . . .

I was taken by this post yesterday – probably because I was feeling badly about not being able to get to this blog for two weeks.

Usually, when I read an intelligently written article, I resonate with it – or not.

This one was funny because I did both.

The post is called “How To Tell If You Are Doing Your Life Work”.

The gist of it is that if things are going along easily, you are not challenged, and are therefore on the wrong path.

I don’t think I believe in angst being an integral part of harmonizing with your being and purpose. I never got into the starving artist thing either.

I set the link to open in a separate browser window so you don’t have to leave to read it. I would love to have your take on it.

The Funniest Thing I Have Seen in Awhile . . .

The funniest thing I have seen in awhile (Thanks, Suzanne!)

If I shut my eyes and don’t see that one of these Huskies is a red and white, this is my house. The one on the footstool is the spitting image of Chevy, and the Red is Sky in a costume (she is grey and white). The sounds effects are exactly right . . .

Watch the Video

and you wonder why I’m crazy.

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