All Things Change . . .

I love Trader Joe’s for many things. I have loved every food item I have ever bought there. I love that your heaped up shopping cart always comes to a shockingly low total at the register. I love the friendly staff who keep smiling even when almost taking a header over some loose kid in the crowded aisles. I love their frozen food shopping bags with zippers (since I live 20 minutes from my nearest TJ’s.

But, I have never paid much attention to the flower department – even though it is right inside the entry. I am not much on cut flowers – I like mine more lively – so I guess I just rush through there.

And I never realized they have fabulous living plants too. A few weeks ago, I got a beautiful blue Hydrangea for $6.99 that would cost $30 at the nursery. And last week, they had Hibiscus for the same price – so I got four! They are in pretty pots all around my swing and I am just knocked out by the blossoms.

They are so glorious, but their glory lasts only about 24 hours.

All things change, and the rate of change makes your hair blow back. If we don’t embrace it and be “in” it, we will just plain miss the boat.

So, I am changing lots of things.

I already changed this Blog, and I have now changed the Cre8it website itself. Hopefully, it is more accessible. Neither the blog nor the website are done changing.

In fact, I have invoked a feature of this blog format which will show a SlideShow of recent posts on the home page. If you came here through my email link, you already saw it. If you came in through a different pathway, you can see it by clicking the Home link in the menu.

I like this idea because people might miss posts or want to revisit them, and this is a great reminder. If it drives you crazy, please let me know – I have it switching slides pretty slowly so it won’t get anyone twitchy.

There are things missing from the Cre8it site at this moment, because I am waiting for tech support to help with a software problem.

But I am excited to report two important changes

The PhotoShop Elements Kindergarten Workshop is now a WHENEVER workshop. You can purchase it anytime and work through it at your own pace. Find the link in the Sidebar under Newest WHENEVER Workshops.

And a really big change is that Love This Journal is now a series of WHENEVER workshops. I have cut them and their tuition into halves so more folks can afford to get going with this art journaling thing. Each 10 Lesson Course costs $35 and comes with a Workshop Guide that includes a Gallery of Sample pages from three of my favorite graduates: Jerrie Hall, John Payne, and Sandy Steen Barhtolomew.

Gallery Pages look like this . . .

Remember how much fun this was, former students?

I am so grateful to Jerrie, John, and Sandy for letting me use their wonderful artwork to help turn others on to the joy of art journaling which remains a joy in their lives.

Speaking of which, I have some new pages to share with you next time, and I have also found a new blank journal that seems to have almost everything. Don;t worry – it’s not expensive!

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