Sunday Morning Coffee #10

You know, I just love guerrilla photos. Because they are so haphazard, you feel free to mess with them, and because you mess with them, they become interesting details instead of just a boring picture of an object.

And the other thing is that they take you back to the moment in a powerful way. I think that is because they are frozen moments, not snapshots. I took this shot of my coffee mug in my motel last year in Green Valley, Arizona. I was waiting to meet up with Vesta for our first day at the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show. It was a moment full of anticipation – which I think is on my top 5 list of favorite feelings. When I look at this photo, I am there.

My Guerrilla Photography WHENEVER Workshop can get you going.

I will be having another of those moments in a week or so when I will be off to Arizona again.

Clearing some FAQs about the iPad Studio Workshop . . .

Wonderful reaction from you all – already a good sized Group of good people. Many of you will know each other, and you all will make new friends.

I have been asked several times whether the Workshop is ok for the first generation iPad. Yes. indeed. I use a first generation iPad. I may move up when they put a better resolution camera in, but other than a 1.4 meg camera and a little speed, the iPad 2 is not very different. They all run the newest operating system.

And maybe the most frequent question is whether you can take this workshop with some other brand of tablet. Sadly, the answer is no. Even though there are a few Apps out there that have a version for other devices, this workshop is about the iPad – which is not like any other thing no matter what they tell you. No App does it all, so this workshop is about using many Apps and many functions of the iPad to create a virtual studio in which you can create with many media. That just can’t be translated to any other tablet.

Creativity Around Your Neck . . .

I am not sharing this video because I am a fashionista. In fact, I am the anti-fashionista. I started my uniform of black shirts and blue jeans long before Steve Jobs did. I can remember attending a Halloween party in the 70’s (I hate costumes) as a “bruise” – black and blue – get it? Folks did not think I put much effort into that costume, but I did stick a couple of Band-Aids on my shirt for good measure.

Anyway, on rare occasions, I have to dress up a tiny bit – parties at the gallery, holiday stuff, etc. I add some very arty scarf to my black shirt, and I’m good to go. I have some fabulous scarves and got two more for my birthday (yes, I am another year older, sigh). One was from my sister and she sent along a link to a great video on 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf. Don’t worry about catching all the details. At the end of the video, you can click on any of the 25 versions to get a how-to video. The scarf techniques are keepers, but the video production itself entertained me to the point that I missed a lot of the scarf tips.

Unfortunately, YouTube now has commercials, but you can delete them after a few seconds. Below the video is a link to Wendy’s website for a look behind the scenes at how this video was done.

Low Commitment Projects

No sooner do I finish the post about art taking lots of time and energy, than I find this website called Low Commitment Projects.

Artists Brittany Powell and Tae Kitakata had adjacent studios at art school and got paired on a project by their instructor. They were strangers, but became good friends through a constant exchange of ideas and inspiration. When they left school and returned to Oregon and Hawaii respectively, they missed that communication and contact, so they started this website to, as they put it: Make stuff happen with little time and energy. They intend to put up a project each Monday in 2012 – alternating Brittany one week, and Tae the next.

I love these projects (see the Sandwich Art and the little folks hanging from balloons).

I was going to stand corrected – maybe great things can be done with little time and effort.

Then I thought about it. What do these two consider little time and effort!? How long do you think it took to do these projects?

Social Media . . .

The mother of all buzz-phrases, right?

I tried Twitter and Facebook back in 2009 I think it was. I thought it was silly and quit.

But when you hear from business advisors for the umpteenth time that any online business not using social media is doomed, you figure you may as well try again.

It is a good way to get the stuff out there that I find during the week and don’t save for Sundays. Twitter, at least, is a good place to find and network with other people who are involved in the same things. And Pinterest is new to me but I am trying to figure it out.

You can find me at Twitter by searching @jessicawesolek (no spaces)

Facebook – search jessica wesolek (with the space)

And here’s the Link to find me on Pinterest (searching doesn’t do it there for some reason). It finds another Jessica Wesolek who I do not know.

I will get the buttons to make it easier as soon as I have time.

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