iPad Studio 2012

I really cannot tell you how excited I am to make this announcement. I have struggled long and hard with just how I could share what I have learned about creating on my iPad in the past year. I wanted to do it in just the right way, in the right sequence, format, etc. I want us all to experience this joy together.

I have learned how the iPad can contain my WHOLE studio – how I can do almost everything I do in my studio on my iPad and not tell the difference in the end result. (I haven’t figured out how to bind a handmade book yet, but who knows – grin). But I can do everything else – including my beloved Art Journaling!

I have finally hit on the most fun, most user friendly, most exciting workshop format there could be – outside of us running away to Hawaii together and doing all of it on the beach!

The best way to explain it to you is the way I have already explained it on the Workshop description page:


Come and spend 2012 with me becoming an iPad artist/artisan!

At least read all about it!

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