Sunday (Christmas) Morning Coffee . . . #7

For all of you, here is my Christmas Card for 2011.

No – no Photoshopping here. This Angel is untouched and looked exactly like this as I drove to work on October 24 this year. I call her the Angel of Santa Fe (or the Angel of Eldorado for the residents of our village of Eldorado at Santa Fe). Eldorado means “the gold” and so Angel of Gold is good too.

This is a prime example of why one must never be without a camera!

It is the “Whew!” part of Christmas around here. We will still cook a meal later in the day, but the moving of our stores is over, the frenetic shopping is over, the Christmas Eve festivities are over, and it’s time to let relaxation do its thing.

We did the traditional Farolito walk on Canyon Road last night with friends old and new. There is nothing quite like it. The streets of Santa Fe streaming with residents and visitors, the Plaza and all the buildings outlined with lighted candles, the bells of the Saint Francis Cathedral filling the chill night air with the spirit of Christmas. Amazing – as always. A wonderful place to be for the holidays.

I do have a few good things to share this Sunday as usual . . .

Do You Love to Read?

I do. And I love anything that will help lead me to the next treasured book. So, I was very excited to find Goodreads.

You sign-up for free, choose your favorite categories, and then rate a few titles you have read in those categories. From there, Goodreads starts suggesting books you might like. Or, you can just browse categories. Each book has a short description, and then you can click through to read reviews by other folks who have read the book. You can keep a wish list of books you want to read, and one of books you’ve read. Great fun.

WARNING: You can get lost here for hours

And there’s also an app, so you can use Goodreads on your iPad or iPhone. Maybe there is an Android version too?

Kindle Books

Kindle books can be read on an actual Kindle, an iPad or iPhone, your Mac or PC, and most other mobile devices.

Amazon offers great pricing on many books, and these specials change all the time. Problem is that finding them is not easy.

So, this site is really great. They feature an ebook per day – either on special or free.


Unbelievable Book Carving . . .

Guy Laramee’s book carving is beyond describing in words.

Because his actual website does a bit too much describing with words, and is not easy to navigate, I will send you to this blog post which features several easy-to-view photos of his work. You can then click through to the artist’s site to get background and some insight into the process.

Christmas Spirit at its best . . .

If you have not seen this, you are in for a big treat. If you have, watch it again today to put you in just the right mood for the day . . .

Love to you all . . . and a very Merry Christmas!

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