Sunday Morning Coffee #6

No, I did not create this graphic. It is a stock cut, but I think it is really well done. Fonts are so much more than a collection of letters. I love collecting them, and with that in mind, here is another collection of free fonts you might like. The Journal font shows up here again, but the rest are different. I especially like that there are a couple of big black fonts, because those are hard to come by.

See which ones you might be interested in . . .

Thanks to Nancy for this font link, but do not miss the rest of the great stuff on this blog by Jerry Jones. I adore his narrative photography (especially the one with the dog on the railroad tracks!), and he offers all kinds of texture files, photo tint files, and Photoshop brushes for free download. His usage policy is most generous. He has a Donate button and it would be a nice way to says thanks.


In early 1990, I was deeply immersed in the new world of tech. I owned a graphic design and advertising firm, worked closely with many of the new Silicon Valley companies, and was fascinated by all the new magic that seemed to come along every day.

I forked aver about $1200 to attend one of the earliest TED conferences in Monterey, CA that Spring. The bad news – I got the only real FLU I ever had, and spent half the time in bed in the hotel. The good news . . . that conference still shines as one of the highlights of my life. I don’t think I have ever been so creatively and intellectually challenged, and so completely entertained at the same time. Even attending half of the talks was worth twice the price!

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, but the scope has broadened over the years to include great ideas from all fields.

And, these wonderful talks are now available online for everybody at this link:

One of my recent favorites is this one called “How I Became 100 Artists”. You won’t believe what Shea Hembrey was able to do to create a biennial show of 100 international artists’ works – and he made them all up and created all the different pieces himself. Talk about multi media! He is also a guy with a great sense of humor and you will so enjoy this video.. Click the button top right on the screen to expand to full screen view.

Those of you with iPads, there is a TED app and you can watch these talks on your iPad!

Let It Snow . . .

Google does cute and creative stuff around holidays and I hope this one is still happening. Type . . .

Let it snow

into the Google search box, and watch what happens as your screen freezes over.


If you haven’t come around since last Sunday, check out my last post for a template to make slipcovers for your Moleskine Sketchbooks.

And the Whenever Workshop 2 for 1 Sale ends at midnight tonight (PST).

I know you are all busy doing holiday stuff, so I am not going to distract you anymore today. What I have provided already can take up a whole afternoon – and then some! Sorry . . . just enjoy yourself. The elves will take care of that to-do list.


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