Sunday Morning Coffee #21

Happy Mothers Day!

This should really be called Sunday Night Wine because morning is long gone, but better late than never, I always say.

These are my two favorite Mother and Child photos. The Praire Dogs were caught in a rare moment. I am pretty sure that Mom was sharing some of life’s better secrets.

And this will always be special to me – one of those really rare photo ops that you can’t believe is happening. And you thought you had a mouthy kid! Mom looks like she’s really on the edge, doesn’t she?

I don’t have any furless children, and the furry little ingrates I do have did not even come up with a card! After all I do for them!

But part of being a mother is being selfless, or so I hear.

On that note I want to share something that at first take, seems a little dark. But, when you think about it, nothing says “self-less mother” better.

In the early days of photography, the subject had to stay still for quite some time for the long exposures necessary. Babies and small children are not always willing to sit still, so their mothers had to hold them.

What I don’t really understand is why nobody wanted Mom in the photo.

Anyway, they covered the Moms with dark cloth. Problem was that the shrouded Moms did not disappear into the background..

The shrouds were not always black, and there was some real cleverness in the draping. There is a whole Flickr page of these strange photos here:

Moms Under Wraps

Exciting New Sheer Heaven for Art Journals

Sometimes, letter size sheets of Sheer Heaven are just not right for the artwork you are doing – especially if you are an art journaler.

Maybe you want to print one photo to transfer to your art journal. It does not make sense to waste a whole sheet to print one photo, and if you wait until you have a group of small photos, you will probably have lost your “groove”.

Maybe you want to use a small piece for a drawing or painting, but if you cut it off the larger sheet, the larger sheet won’t feed through the printer anymore.

Maybe you want to create a portable palette to fit perfectly within your journal, or make an overlay for an illustration.

When I recently converted my new mill roll, I had the opportunity to turn some of the Sheer Heaven into smaller sheets, which would work well for all of these art journaling ideas. Most inkjet printers will print a 4×6 sheet because it is the most common photo size,

So 4×6 it was, and because of a lot of things you don’t want to know about how mill rolls fit machines and how cutting must be done, I can sell this size for 23% less than the regular sheets ($8.50 for 20 Sheets).

For a limited time, (Until June 1, 2012), to celebrate the introduction, I am selling the 20 Pack at a 35% Savings!

Each 20 Pack is only $7.50!

Also, because the whole transfer idea has taken over Sheer Heaven’s identity, most folks have forgotten all about the fact that it is the most amazing paper to use with any and all media. It will not wrinkle, tear, or react to any amount of moisture. These small sheets allow for experimenting and creating any type of illustrations – watercolors for your art journal if it doesn’t have heavy pages, for example.

There are lots of other things too, and videos to explain them.

Find the details on the new Sheer Heaven Art Journal Page:

Sheer Heaven for the Art Journal

Have You Noticed?

For the first time, I have added a list of favorite blogs to the sidebar. This is an easy way for you to check back to the blogs I have recommended in previous posts. These are the ones I personally consider worth following, and it is a small list.

I did not find an Artist of the Week this week, but I really enjoyed watching this video about a jewelry maker in Brooklyn. I think you will too.

Dirty Librarian Chains

Now I must go sleep.

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