Sunday Morning Coffee #19

Catching Up . . .

I guess if I am going to be a blogger, I must reserve the right to disappear now and then. It seems to be necessary. I have a crazy life – wonderful, but crazy – and you just never know what is going to happen.

I began the month of April by almost running over myself with my van.

I am not telling you about this for any other reason but that awareness may keep you from making the same mistake.

I was watching over my Mom’s house while she was in California. I needed to take the trashcan to the street and it was very dark because we do not have street lights.

My mother lives on the greenbelt, and I backed my van around so the back was facing the greenbelt and the headlights were shining out the drive to the street.

I turned on the brights and put it in Park.

That is, I thought it was in Park.

But it must have popped right back out into Reverse because when I got out, the door knocked me down.

Not having a solution for this situation, I first tried to pull myself back into the vehicle so I could stop it from going into the greenbelt. Not a good idea. It knocked me down again, and this time, my legs were under the van. The scramble to get clear pulled every muscle and ligament on my right side, but I did it, and the van was stopped by a gravel berm before it could roll into the greenbelt.

So, all is well.

Well, not WELL, but well.

I did not feel like sitting much for the last three weeks because my tailbone is not happy either, so writing a blog post just didn’t make it into the schedule!

Lesson Learned #1: Do not leave your car running and get out of it. You would not believe how many stories I have heard since this happened. I guess it happens a lot, sometimes with much worse consequences.

Lesson Learned #2: Stay focused, dammit!

How my garden grows . . .

I apologize to those of you who have no interest in gardening, but it is a HUGE part of my creative life and this blog is about sharing my creative life, so sometimes, it is about gardening. Tis the season.

Here’s how the Morning Glories in Sheer Heaven “pots” look today . . .

Morning Glory seedlings in Sheer Heaven pots.

I can pick up the containers and the roots are all the way to the bottom, so they go in the ground this morning. I will show you how that works next time.

What does this look like to you?

Right – a little person, or Shaman or something, right?

It’s a large brick thing from Lowes called Perfect Edge, I think. They cost $1.81 each.

I am going to find a way of turning these into little guardian guys to bless and protect my garden. I will let you know what I come up with. Meanwhile, you can try it too. Please share if you do.

What these are really for is edging flower beds and they are great. The way they fit each other allows you to turn corners, create curves, and pretty much make your beds any shape you want.

So . . . I am looking at these and thinking that a girl with a *very* sore right arm and shoulder should not be considering redoing her hardscaping. Should she? I can get Mark to help carry bricks and pile them up for me, but I am much too much a control freak to let him place them, of course.

So, my healing has taken a bit longer because of lots of bricks. Here is my “construction site”. It has not been cleaned up yet, but all my edging is in place.

I had to make these “organic” because I had to fit around the flagstone  walk I put in years ago. Oh right – I was chiseling flagstone too. Am I sore? Yes.

But also happy with the result. Try it.

My first Hummingbird arrived on Friday!! I don’t think it was Helen because she didn’t know her way around where the feeders are. I’ll be looking for her though!

Time Flies . . .

On the jewelry making front, I am so concerned with time that I started making some necklaces with actual working watch charms on them (see the first photo in this post). They have different phrases like Me Time, High Time, In the Moment, etc. I love stamping on aluminum!

A couple have already sold in the gallery.

Artist of the Week . . .

I think what entertains me most about art and artists is the creative thinking part. You can look at anything, and just maybe, turn it into art. I am going to turn those garden bricks into somebodies, and this artist,  Nina Katchadourian, found her inspiration in an airplane lavatory.

She used everything she could find in there – and her phone camera to recreate classic Flemish “paintings”. If you don’t come away laughing from this website, get your laugher fixed.

Nina Katchadourian Lavatory Self-Portraits

Art IS everywhere you find it. . .

And the iPad is really helping me see and preserve it. My iPad is ALWAYS with me, and this new one has a camera, so now, literally nothing gets away from me.

I was getting my hair cut the other day, and there was a tissue box (generic brand) sitting on the table. It was gorgeous. This is only one part of it . . .

I love the style, I love the palette, and I know that this will come out in my own work somehow. I put it into an inspiration journal on my iPad and now I will not forget about it.

Well, I can’t sit anymore, so I better wrap it up for today.

I guess, in a nutshell, the message for this Sunday is to look for art everywhere – from garden bricks to tissue boxes – even in an airplane lavatory – and for heaven’s sake, make sure that car is in Park before you get out of it!!

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