Sunday Morning Coffee #12

Oh, what a tangled web we weave . . .

I try to use a lovely coffee image every Sunday – mostly I use my own sketches and photographs.

Sometimes, I find myself without one of my own images conveniently at hand, and I must go search for something from another source. It never ceases to amaze me that, one, I always find something wonderful, and two, the search leads me to other wonderful things I was not looking for. That is the wonder of the web.

I searched “Coffee” under Google images. I saw this lovely shot (above) and went to the website where this image resides.

It was not easy to find this reference because the current post on that blog was so cool that I got carried away reading it.

It was about Bridges of  Love . . .

I have never heard of this before, and I am not even sure it is going on in the US yet – mostly in Europe – but it is based on an old Chinese tradition. A newly married (or hopelessly-in-love) couple scratches their names on a padlock, locks it to some part of a bridge (some more well known than others), and throws away the key – into the water. This should keep them together forever – or so the theory goes.

What a romantic concept!

And the blog this post is on is called Weirdomatic, so I had to love it. It has been put together by a young Romanian architect named Irina Alexandra . . .


But where are those coffee images? I searched the Weirdomatic blog for “Coffee”, and found that post too, and it linked to the person responsible for this visual feast – Tony Konecny – on his Flickr page:

Latte Art

Where you will find a visual feast of art created by pouring milk into coffee . . .

Look for the pictures of animals.

Artist of the Week

Anyway, when I find a blog I like, I usually look at the blogroll – if there is such a list. If I like the blog, I may like what the blogger likes, right? On Weirdomatic’s blogroll, I found a link to a photography artist that I have admired for a year now, and have not yet shared with you. So, right off the bat, we did have a common interest! The artist is Martin Waugh and the website is

Liquid Sculpture

These images are done with high speed flash photography. They are not Photoshopped except for basic editing (no image manipulation). You can read about how it is done, he sells prints, and his About/Process page also has a link to a how-to-site for the rest of us. Once again, I am shocked by the hidden beauty that is everywhere around us! Who knew how spectacular a splash could be?!

Also on the Weirdomatic Blogroll is another blog dedicated to the weird and wonderful called . . .

Dark Roasted Blend

This is a really wonderful blog – chock full of every interesting thing you can imagine. WARNING: you can spend hours here.

Unfortunately, a really ugly and obnoxious ad block resides at the top of every post, but just scroll down a bit. Perhaps the ads support this blog well. I hope so.

Here are a couple of my favorite signs from the Weird Signs collection (under “features” in the left sidebar of the blog)

My point being . . .

The web can offer the best adventure. I have always enjoyed exploring a new place – to see what creative things i can see, and refuel the creative gas tanks. All my life, I have done that by traveling all over the country by car and concentrating on the backroads.

It is not the same experience to meander around the web from one spot to another, following interesting “road signs” to the next unusual thing, but it is darned close, and certainly cheaper.

And here, to wrap up today’s adventure and sort of tie it all together if you will, is some motion photography from photographer¬†Jack Long

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