Sunday Morning Coffee #8

Hard to believe these New Mexico skies. I wanted to find a sunrise shot – the whole “dawn” of the new year idea, but when I came upon this photo – actually shot at 6pm – I had to share it just because it is so pretty.

So, here we are on another New Year’s Day. You may recall it is my favorite holiday. I love the “starting over” feeling it brings, with the idea that anything is possible.

The concept of time is a funny thing. Nothing is really erased from 2011 at all, but it feels as though, by drawing a “time” line in the sand, we can choose to leave some of it behind.

I read something on Seth Godin’s Blog that made me stop and think . . . before the transcontinental railroad, he says, every village had its own time. There were no time zones, and no reason to be time-coordinated with anyone else, because there was no real communication over distance. Each town figured out when noon was – by the position of the sun, one assumes, and set their clocks by that.

There are scientists out there trying to create a new calendar for us that makes more sense. One version would even add an extra week to each year.

So, when it comes right down to it, time is a manmade concept that doesn’t mean much at all.

Yet we allow it to run us ragged.

In my opinion, there is one unit of time that does make sense, however, and that is the present moment.

This one.

Right now.

Savor it because it is delicious.

That is my resolution for 2012. To live in each moment and enjoy every one of them.

You should spend your time doing what you love. But if you do what you love too fast, you can’t appreciate how much you love it. You can’t even remember what it was like doing it!

And why do what you love too fast?

You will never get it all done – and what would you do if you did?

So . . . no reason to hurry. They could just add a week to each year anyway and that would give you plenty of time to catch up.

New Year’s Eve. . .

Until last night, my most memorable New Year’s Eve was the one we spent in the emergency room (until 5am), because a cut on Mark’s finger started heading for blood poisoning territory. I didn’t say the most fun, I just said the most memorable. We don’t get out much.

If the story of my life had chapter titles, I would love this one . . .

Celebrated New Years listening to Country Music at a Chinese restaurant, and not on Chinese New Year.

When our friend, Lulu, who owns the best Chinese restaurant in Santa Fe, invited us to her New Years Eve party, we hesitated – only because we do not normally go out on New Years’ Eve. Too rowdy, and in New Mexico, your chances of encountering a drunk driver are pretty substantial. But when Lulu explained that the evening would include a concert by her 16 year old granddaughter, a country singer from Texas who sounds like a cross between Dolly Parton and Jewel, well, you know the whole thing sounded too interesting to resist. And it was. Great food, great music, and a couple hundred of Lulu’s closest friends, some of whom are now new friends of ours.

All this and home by 10pm! No drunk drivers encountered.

Book Art Lovers . . .

This is a fine, five minute video produced by PBS as part of their “Off Book” project.

And, you may enjoy the whole series by PBS, which covers shorts on art topics from Etsy to Steampunk. The videos can be found on YouTube here:

PBS Off Book Series

Lists, Lists, Lists . . .

At this time of year, there is an abundance of lists. The Best 10 Whatevers of 2011, the Worst 10. The most probable 10 or 50 Whatevers that will happen in 2012. You know you have seen them EVERYWHERE.

But people continue to love them. I must admit to loving them too. They lead me to places I didn’t know I wanted to go.

Anyway, there is a blog that is not seasonal at all, but is totally full of lists of everything you can think of. This should keep you busy if you need something to do this afternoon . . .

Happy Happy New Year, Everyone!

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