It’s not over til it’s over . . .

Oh my, what a week!

To make a long story short, DH took over a home furnishings consignment shop located next door to the Art Garden when the owner fled in the night this past July.

Mark is really good at spotting and collecting cool things, and wheeling and dealing (he was in the car business, remember?), so he has been enjoying that business. It is very humorous because the lease is a sublet that goes only through November, so we can’t cut a hole in the wall, and Mark has to go back and forth between the two stores according to where customers want to go. He recently went into the bank across our parking lot, and the teller said, “We know who you are! You’re that guy who runs back and forth unlocking doors all day. We stay entertained by watching you.”

So, with the end of that sublet coming up, we have big decisions to make, and in this lousy economy, they aren’t easy. To make it more difficult, the most desirable location in the center has just become available. We could combine both businesses in one, and be located in a beautifully landscaped courtyard between the restaurant and the post office. I thought we could change the name to “He Says . . . She Says . . .” – ¬†because the store would contain both businesses. Do you like the name?

Do we want to stay in retail? That is the dilemma.

It is such a dilemma that it made me come up with this quote (which will shortly be a greeting card):

“If God gives you dilemma, make dilemma-nade.”

But in the middle of all of this, a Hummingbird has decided to stay late this year. First time this has ever happened, and I am amazed. She has made it through several below freezing nights – one with rain and a little snow.

I did research and found out they can survive whole Winters if they have a source of food.

I don’t know why she thinks this is a good idea, but I decided not to worry too much because Albuquerque is only 50 miles away and has a much milder climate.

Meanwhile, I have to keep the nectar in the feeders from freezing. It is not true that you keep the hummingbirds from migrating by keeping the feeders out – you should keep them out if there are still any Hummers around because they need the nectar to survive when there are no longer any flowers. (I’ve been researching).

This is the only way I can think of to keep the feeders from freezing – and it worked last night. The one feeder that was not warmed by a lamp did freeze halfway.

I also am setting out a couple of flowering plants from the garden room during the day, so my little pal can have some natural food. And of course, I am taking hundreds of photos of her (him?)

I will keep you posted.

And speaking of  photos . . .

The Creating with Photoshop Elements Workshop started yesterday and the students were so excited with the first lesson that they are already uploading some awesome “Polaroid Transfer” results.

Here is one by Helen Cowans (UK). The original photo she worked from is also shown on her blog – along with some great fabric work!

And here is one by Barb Bruemmer (Michigan) . . .

And I love how this subject worked for Gigi Kandler (California) . . .

There is something so romantic about the Polaroid Transfer. I have always loved them and am so glad there is still a way for us to recreate the look.

Yes, you can still get in on the fun. Here’s the link:

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