Creating with Photoshop Elements . . .

If there were no such thing as a “last minute”, I wonder if I would still be a procrastinator.

If it can be put off until tomorrow, I put it off for a hundred tomorrows. Especially anything that has to do with numbers.

And thus, my yesterday was turned into a miserable experience because I had to finish and file my income tax.

Anyone who owns their own business knows how much fun a Schedule C can be, and tangling with TurboTax is not for the thin-skinned nor faint of heart.

I could hire a tax person but I would have to get it all into explainable shape anyway, and then try to explain to somebody what the heck I think I’m doing. I don’t explain that well.

I did have an audit once and right in the middle of my trying to explain to the guy why my check register had those “codes” in it and what they meant . . . he abruptly ended the audit and said he was sure everything was ok with my return. He needed more of a sense of humor, I think, but it worked out well for me.

Anyway, that was yesterday.

Today, I finished preparing my newest Photoshop/Elements Workshop, called “Creating with Elements”. It’s a six lesson workshop and all brand new.

You have to have some basic operating knowledge of the software, or have completed my PSE Kindergarten Workshop. All techniques and projects are explained step-by-step, but I don’t go into re-explaining the basics behind them.

You can use Photoshop to take the workshop, of course, but the illustrations will be Elements 9.0 screenshots.

I have been having a lot of fun creating with Photoshop lately – More ideas for the gallery, and working out some of my favorite processes. So I thought I would share.

Like Cyanotypes, for example. I grew up with blueprints because my Dad was an architect. Maybe that is why my favorite color is blue? I love the colors and the mysterious ethereal look.

But creating a real one these days is a bit complicated. If you do it the traditional way, you have to wear goggles and a mask. mix chemicals in water, and then mix those solutions in equal parts, paint them on surfaces, and work in semi darkness, etc.

So, I would rather fake it with PhotoShop, and I thought you might like that too.

And I always loved Polaroid transfers, but you can’t get the film anymore, (I know they are trying to bring it back), and real Polaroid Transfers are limited to watercolor paper and a tiny size.

I have been trying to duplicate that look for years (does anybody remember my scanning through acrylic method?) and never quite got it right. But this new method is the closest I have ever seen.

Anyway, if you feel like creating art gifts for the holidays . . . or just for the hell of it, this is the perfect workshop for you!


Creating with Photoshop Elements

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