What a heart breaking loss . . .

Although my graphics firm did marketing materials for Apple Computer way back in the 80’s, I never actually met Steve Jobs.

Yet the intensity of my grief at his passing feels like the loss of a dear friend. Someone who was a hero to me.

No one has had a greater impact on the path my life has taken. And his gifts just kept coming. in fact, I have only recently stated that the iPad has changed my art life once again.

I can’t imagine a greater gift to the world than bringing the magic of the information age to every person, even if they are not technically inclined.

I felt compelled to go to the Apple website tonight and had to smile at the perfection, the simplicity, of this home page. It’s so Apple. Steve would be proud – in fact, he probably designed it.

My sense of grief is exceeded only by my sense of gratitude that this man lived, followed his dreams, and enabled mine.


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