Of Morning Glories and Metaphors . . .

I think you will remember my Morning Glory challenges this year? If not, you can find the story here:


Well, try hard enough and wait long enough and the answers always come. This is not the first blossom, but it was the first of many  Рon the plants I started on my usual trellis.

I planted the rest in a giant clay pot, and put a metal tree in the middle for the plants to climb. And they did. . .

The vines worked feverishly because they knew they were short of time . . . and they became so swelled with intention that they forgot to make flowers, which is their real purpose after all. And if that weren’t enough, this tower of intention has become top heavy and keeps tipping over in the wind. That is not a blossom on the right, by the way. It is a metal star I put there to give the plants a hint of what a blossom should look like! It worked, and there are now blossoms at the top of the tower – finally!

But of course, I can’t consider all this without some personal insight . . . ¬†Sometimes we get so involved with something, that we can’t see the forest for the trees, or the flowers for the leaves.

I treasure your feedback. It is a wonderful thing to have such a huge group of friends to remind me of that which I forget – and in such a kind and gentle way. And, it is also wonderful to be able to put an idea out there to see if it will fly – BEFORE investing a lot of time and energy.

Only two people responded to the free ad offer. Not 8. Just 2 (and thank you for your enthusiasm, you two).

I could feel disappointed about that, but I feel relieved instead. The Classifieds site is an idea I have been carrying around for more than a year – but not acting on – because, although I thought it was a great idea, I was afraid of what it would do to my “life simplification” project.

It very well could have ended up being a “tower of intention” that would make me tip over.

So, thank you for the answers – they are the right ones. Now, my brain is free to produce “flowers” (which is my real purpose, after all).

What Flowers?

It is not as if I am lying around eating bon bons and needing something to do. There are so many projects going on and they are all really focused on two things – making art . . . and writing/teaching.

The more I write, the more I like writing.

And now is the dawn of e-books – which are just like the PDFs we have been loving for years. Just a different perspective is all – and new ways for people to use them.

I have been shocked by the popularity of my Creative Drawing Workbook. People keep buying it, and seem to love it. So, a follow-up drawing workbook is in progress.

New Workhops also – Photoshop Elements Grade School – which many of you are eagerly awaiting after graduating PSE Kindergarten.

And More Mac Magic – for those who have completed The Magic of Mac, and want more.

Perhaps most exciting of all – I am writing a workbook series called “The Artist and the iPad”. My iPad has shaken my art world to its core. I have never been so excited – and so confused at the same time. I am working my way through 146 art Apps to find the best for our purposes, and figure out how they work along the way (most great apps cost hardly anything, but have no manuals or instructions at all).

The first Workbook will be about Art Journaling on the iPad.

AND – the books are being written almost entirely on the iPad – for the sake of purity – and because it is challenging and fun.

I am also very into painting the flowers in my September garden – and I am off to do that right now . . . Happy Sunday afternoon, everyone!


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