Thought Blossoms . . .

I love analogies.

I love Hibiscus.

Imagine my joy this morning when my latest Hibiscus blossom became an analogy!

When you are a person like me with a monkey mind that runs off and climbs every tree it sees, you waste a LOT of time swinging from branches – precariously!

One of the trees my monkey mind climbed this year was a Hibiscus tree (well, plant, really). I am obsessed with their beauty. It astounds me. I paint them and photograph them, sit and stare at them, and am sad when each blossom closes up shop after just a day.

But, it is the brief opening and quick closing of these blooms that make my analogy.

My thoughts are like that.

Each idea blooms with a big, exciting burst, but its glory will fade by tomorrow if I don’t act on it.

I ordered special Hibiscus food from a nursery in California (I told you I was obsessed!), and I have a dozen plants of different varieties (I told you I was obsessed!), and so, there are MANY blossoms.

I have a hard time coming up with enough attention fast enough to appreciate each blossom and do something with it.
And my thoughts are like that. See what I’m getting at here?

So, the pervasive feeling is always that I am not getting enough done, or I “should” be doing something else. Even though I am enjoying the hell of out this one blossom, there are so many others I better run and see.

You know how long I’ve been examining this issue. But I think I’m getting there.

So my latest idea is that if there are going to be Hibiscus blossoms everyday, I will pay attention and appreciate, but maybe not sit and stare at each one until bugs have gotten into my glass of wine or cup of coffee (depending if it is an evening or morning staring session).

And likewise with the thought blossoms.

Maybe I don’t have to produce – and overproduce each and every one of them.

Maybe I can make a note, or send some off to you and let you run with them.

Maybe I can relax into the moment, be more spontaneous and light hearted, and NOT gather such a huge bouquet of thought blossoms into my To-Do vase – all in a hurry to be acted on before they fade away.

I am thinking this is a splendid idea.

And blogging, which is something I actually love, and something that gets constantly shoved to a back burner (because I have to overproduce, don’t you know, and I don’t have time for an elaborate post) could be an excellent tool.

This blog is called “Whatever” and it could be a catch all for these beautiful thought blossoms as they open up. They would not be lost. They would get their share of attention – from me and from you, and they would be saved from fading away, like a Hibiscus blossom that has been painted or photographed.

Everything is an experiment. Let’s see how I do with this one.

By the way, the Hibiscus at the top of this post is called “Creole Lady”. Can you even believe how beautiful?!

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