I am a professional artist and teacher (University of Michigan/University of California Berkeley/Parsons School of Design NYC). I taught high school art for several years in the Bay Area in California. - was even a department head for a few years, and my students won many national awards.

But I left institutions of learning long ago to gain independence in my creative endeavors. I had a different philosophy of teaching art than they did.

I also promised myself that I would always live by my art and never get a day job. So far, I have been able to keep that promise. In keeping it, I have been a gallery artist in several disciplines, graphic designer with my own firm, photographer, illustrator, and gallery owner. I still am a gallery owner in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

I fell in love with high tech early on - was even a beta tester for Photoshop before it was Photoshop. Tech-love led to being one of the first to offer online art classes.

Whether it is how to draw and paint, how to shoot amazing photographs, how to design and compose, how to create illustrated art journal pages and sketchbooks, how to use Photoshop, or how to use your iPad as an incredible, portable, art-making studio, I seem to be able to get the point across. 

My teaching style is simple . . . I keep it simple. Anything can be learned if it is presented step-by-step, making sure there is understanding at every step.

All of my classes are currently offered on Skillshare.com, and many are being transitioned to my online learning center at SantaFeArtCafe.com

I love to share the joy of art making and hope we get a chance to do that together someday. I look forward to meeting you.

iPhone self portrait taken in a mirror. I was doing the jeans and black shirt thing long before Steve Jobs made it famous.


Santa Fe, New Mexico