What’s New and Different?

You have never heard of these before because there never has been anything like this I wanted a clear glass watercolor palette for years and couldn’t find one - so I created one - and then made several sizes to suit my watercolor practices. Paint does not bead up, palette never stains, and you can see a color in place on your artwork before committing to it.

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City DIFFERENT Art Retreats - 2018

Santa Fe, New Mexico is nicknamed the City Different because we do things differently here, and these retreats are totally different from the usual.


You live and create in a beautiful house for a week with only three other students. Your teacher spends five days with you taking field trips and having art lessons, and giving you all the attention and feedback you could ever hope for. Each retreat also includes attendance at a Special Event in Santa Fe and a studio visit with a very well known local artist.

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