Who Is Doing This?

Note from Jessica Wesolek . . .

As a lifelong road tripper and sketcher, I have always been interested in small towns and often choose my route along the backroads in order to drive through and experience the small towns along the way.

Stopping for food in local cafés or visiting local shops and tiny museums offers a treasury of interesting stories, and glimpses of the town’s personality.

The local architecture, signage, and outdoor decor are rich with sketching possibilities.

Small town sketching became a passion.

I am not an Urban Sketcher because I am not very comfortable in the urban environment, and I don’t always draw exactly what I see, but the concept is the same – to travel the world through sketching and share the experience with other sketchers.

Please join me in this project, and together, we can create an artful travel guide to the best small town sketching experiences and save their stories from disappearing.

See the Guidelines page for details.

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