About Small Town Sketchers

Our purpose is to savor and save the stories and personalities of small towns – before they disappear into history. We will do that by sharing our small town sketches.

All sketchers are invited to participate in this project by adding the hashtag #smalltownsketchers to any sketch you post from or about a small town (pop. less than 20,000).

Using that hashtag will mean that your sketch will show up in the results when anyone does a search on social media for #smalltownsketchers.

We will copy some of these sketch posts (with attribution) into this blog, which we are thinking of as a collaborative “Sketchbook” for the enjoyment of all. But we only include you with your permission.

To have your sketches included in this collaboration, you MUST send an email giving permission in writing for us to do ONE repost of any of your sketches that carry the #smalltownsketchers hashtag, into this blog – with your copyright and link, of course. This one email will cover all your #smalltownsketchers posts.

Send this email to: info@smalltownsketchers.com Please put the word “Permission” in the subject box and include your full name as a signature.

Why bother with a blog at all? Because this blog is searchable. Example: Putting California in the Search box in the Sidebar, will bring up all sketches from Small Towns in California, and so on.

We hope this collaboration blog will grow into an online travel guide to interesting small towns everywhere – and great sketching opportunities and stories – created by wonderful sketch artists from around the world.

Please see our Guidelines pages for the few rules we have for posting.

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