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Begin a sketchbook habit to preserve the precious  and ordinary moments of your life. Evn thoughts can be turned into beautiful illustrations.

Begin a sketchbook habit to preserve the precious and ordinary moments of your life. Even your thoughts can be turned into beautiful illustrations.

We forget most of the small things that happen daily. Learn how to turn the smallest happenings into memories with pictures.

A great way to illustrate memories is to use small Spots. These are simple little pictures that are worth a thousand words.

No one could do much traveling for the past year. This class brings travel journal techniques home to roost. We treat our homebound discoveries like adventures worth remembering.

Continuing our travel journal at home theme, we find a great bookstore with the kind of books we love, and try the specials at the closest local restaurant.

Grocery Shopping and eating at home have become a big deal. We learn to draw grocery bags, fill them with goodies, and then unpack them, sketching all of it as we go.

Learn to paint beautiful Terra Cotta Pots and fill them with fanciful things. They can hold more than flowers and plants. This class is as much about creative thinking as it is about sketching with watercolor.

Sometimes, a sketchbook page can be a place to do some lifework - using sketching and watercolor to set out goals and intentions. Paying this much attention to them might bring them to fruition.

Everyone has a mug cupboard and most collected mugs have a story about where they came from and why we have kept them. Pretty things with good stories are perfect sketchbook fodder. And we learn a lot about sketching cylinders.

Gouache has become very popular in illustration these days - you see it everywhere. But what is it, how do you use it, and does it have to be so flat? Learn all of that and more. Gouache can be a very exciting medium if you know a few tricks.

Procreate is the most popular art app on the iPad. This is a very very beginner class, because, as sophisticated as Procreate can be, a beginner can start with a very simple interface and basic tool. We will sketch this Southwest door as we learn to Pro - Create!

Watercolor Pencils are the sketcher’s dream tool for portability and ease of use. Many people don’t know that used in the right way these brilliantly colored pencils can melt your heart with their ability to imitate watercolor and go beyond that with tricks of their own.

Doodling and drawing fun and fanciful flowers is lots of fun, but it is really nice if you can draw and paint real flowers that look like what they are. In this class we set up a formula to really “see” the structure of our flowers so we can draw them realistically.

If you were to sketch everything that happened on a trip, you would never move along and get back home again! Photos added to your sketch book can make sure you remember everything without having to draw everything. Printing from devices and printing the right size photo are the challenges we learn to overcome in this class.

Lack of ideas is a sketchbook habit killer. You open your book and can’t think of anything to sketch. The Creative Pages series of classes not only teach creative thinking, but provide ideas that are good for many future pages which flow from the idea of the first one. Find out how to unlock your creative ideas in this first class - and where they have been hiding!

This is a different kind of class - full of tips, techniques, fix-its, mix-its, product reviews and experiments, and anything that comes mind while we hang out together in my studio.

Chapter Two in this series. This time, we chat about water brushes and the many and varied “watercolor” art supplies that gift us with brilliants colors, but aren’t really watercolor at all - they are dyes.