Sketch & Journal One

Drawing & Painting for the Sketchbook/Visual Journal

15 Lessons in PDF Format with Video Back-Up – Download and Keep -  Register $75

This Sketchbook Workshop is


This workshop has a wonderful, relaxed, and organic format. One idea leads to another in a very natural way - like following a treasure map - and pretty soon, you know a lot more about drawing and painting than you ever thought you would. Art school stuff like shading and perspective and color mixing . . . 

And it didn’t hurt at all!

You don't need an exciting life to create an exciting sketchbook!

This workshop will teach you to draw and paint everyday things, so you can make pretty pictures in your sketchbook about your “everyday” life. It will also give you a lot of creative page ideas to get your imagination going and even teach you how to add lettering if you want. Of course, this can all be applied to an exciting life as well - like travel sketchbooks for example.

Every new lesson builds on the last until you look around and realize you are making some very pretty art and feeling confident about it. Being my student also means you get to “Stay After School” in a Facebook Group exclusively made up of current and past students. You can get my feedback and answers to any questions you might have - and show off if you feel like it.

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Student Feedback . . .

Debra . . . Thank you, thank you, thank you. I know this was about sketch journaling, but your explanation of watercolor and washes was something I didn't understand until you pointed out the why of things. Now, it all makes sense. I've been having a lot more fun with my watercolors instead of frustration using the "duh" method.

Mary Beth . . . I am having fun with this workshop, and love the way you lead us thru step by step. I have noticed that I am gaining confidence in my own abilities.

Marilyn . . . Loved the class. As usual in your classes, the explanations are so concise and the step-by-step instructions very easy to follow. It is amazing how much technique is revealed in such simple forms as candles and boxes.

Colleen . . . I love the explanation about the wash! I get it now! Thanks!


Jessica Wesolek , artist/illustrator, art teacher, Santa Fe Gallery owner, and professional photographer, who is a dedicated sketchbooker as well.

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15 Lessons in PDF Format with Video Back-Up – Download and Keep -  Register $75