Sketchbook pages on which I immortalize what happens in one day of my silly life. Click on any page to see it large enough to read. Mouse over a thumbnail to pause the slideshow. Tap if viewing on a mobile device.

A day of hot and cold and water weirdness. I never pick my garden flowers. This was an accident and I hoped this bud would open to its full potential. It did.

I don’t like to cook. On days when I HAVE to cook, I make a project of finding the easiest way to make food that still tastes good. This Thanksgiving feast worked and was no work.

It can be a totally ordinary day and you open a package which has those “bad” kind of packing peanuts. There’s static in the air. All of a sudden, it’s not an ordinary day at all, and you look like a pink sheep.

Sometimes, days seem to have themes. Sometimes we miss that, but sometimes, 

it’s so obvious that we have to make a sketchbook page to remember it.

This page explains itself. Click the image to get a larger version to read.

Maybe this page should be in the Garden Sketchbook section, but it felt more like it was about the day to me.

This was a day of combining old things to make a new thing.

Even a very dreary day can be made brighter by making notes of the details.

Albuquerque is a very big city located only 50 miles away. Sometimes, spending the day there can feel like a get-away.