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Paint Strip (10 Paint Wells) 2" x 10"

Paint Strip (10 Paint Wells) 2" x 10"

This one I love and use all the time along side my big palette. I call it the “Paint Strip”. . .

The measurement is 2″ x 10″ and there are 10 wells that measure 5/8″ x 1.25″ each. These are the same size as the wells on my big palette. The price is $40.

I use my Paint Strips in a few ways. . .

I have one that holds my extra M. Graham colors that won’t fit on my big palette.

I use them to create a series of values of a color when I need that.

And, I use them to put together what I call “project” palettes – gathering and mixing  the colors for a specific flower or landscape painting, for example. And, of course, I can test the colors by holding my Paint Strip over the painting.

Paint Strips are just cool. They feel very nice to hold and you could hit somebody with one if need be. (It’s usually better just to think about that last use).

Price: $40.00