Handmade to order from the finest crystal clear glass with no blue-green color cast, my glass palettes are meant to be used two ways.

They can be filled with tube color to serve as a pan palette, or they can be used for temporary color mixing.

The Traveler, shown here, does both. The palette itself holds 15 colors, and the cover is actually another palette with three larger color mixing areas.

Each palette is handmade by me - each well being cut by hand, and each palette spending 20 plus hours in the kiln.

Wells are full pan size but only  1/8 inch deep. This allows a dollop of paint at one end to be thinned and pulled away with a brush to the desired consistency. You do not have to deal with indentations in the middle of your paint and pools of paint in the pan.

On the left, the traveler has been filled with my own personal choice of 15 essential colors, and I have begun a mix in one of the wells on the cover.

Watercolors do not bead up on the glass because of a fine texture on the surface that is fired in - fine enough to allow perfect visibility when you set the mix in place on your work to see how it will look - see the photo below.

Clean-up is just a spritz of water and swipe with a paper towel, or a couple swipes with a damp paper towel. If you make a real mess, just pass the palette under running water and it is a breeze to clean. Better still, it never stains.

Paint Strips have 10 wells along a 2”x 10” strip. They can be used as a mixing tray,  or filled with chosen colors for a particular sketch or painting, and used as a temporary, devoted palette.

Or Strips can be used to create value scales or transition mixes between two colors.

A 5 well, 5” x 2” size is also available.

Our Professional studio palettes are amazing. They hold 46 colors in a 10” square palette with 3 large mixing areas in the middle.

At the right, the 10” x 10” Studio Pro sits on a white foam mat which comes with it, and can be used for either a dust cover or to temporarily put white behind the palette for true color mixing.

Also included is a non-slip Lazy Susan that allows this palette to spin for easy, close-up-up access to all your colors and puts white behind the center mixing wells.

Each well is 1.25” long to accommodate a one inch brush if used sideways.

A glass cover with 6 mixing wells is available separately.

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