Handmade to order. Allow two weeks turnaround.

The Traveler ($100)

This one can go with you anywhere. Measures 3” x 7” and weighs just 14 oz. The main palette has 15 color wells, and the cover has three mixing areas. Rubber bumpers prevent palette from sliding and allow air inside while protecting from dirt. Closed by a strong velcro strap which you can tuck your brushes under and wear as a bracelet when the palette is in use. Brush not included.

The Studio Pro ($200)

For the studio, this 10” x 10” palette has 46 color wells and three mixing areas. The photo on the right shows a customization of this palette with 3 more wells, and only two mixing areas. Customization is available with certain parameters.  White foam dust cover/mat is included (shown above).

A full size glass cover with six large mixing areas is available as a separate purchase.

It has rubber bump-ons on both sides so it sits securely over the Professional palette as a dust cover, or flips over to be a companion mixing palette for large washes.

The bump-ons also provide the perfect amount of space (1/8/“) between the palette and cover so that no dirt or pet hair can get in, but wet paints will dry without mold.

The Paint Strips  ($25 - $50)

This 10”x 2”, ten well strip is perfect for compiling a palette for a specific work or mixing a value scale or color way. Strip can be easily held or set over your work to see how the color will look in place. Half size (5” x 2”) available for $25.

The Studio Junior ($100)

At half the size of the Professional, this 10”x 5” palette comes with 21 color wells and two mixing areas - one at each end.

Foam dust cover included.

Squares ($25 -$50)

1” x 1” Square wells are perfect for either creating a dried source palette, or mixing small washes - wells will accommodate 3/4” wash brushes.

Large has 10 color wells (3”x7” overall size).) - $50

Small has 4 color wells (3”x3” overall size).) - $25

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