Introducing the fabulous

Brush Catcher

Don’t let your art tools roll away from you!

Necessity is truly the mother of invention, and I invented the Brush Catcher because I got tired of chasing my tools around while engrossed in painting.


While switching from one brush to another, I would just drop the brush on my desk. Invariably, when I went to pick it up again, I had to hunt for it among the rolling herd of art tools I had treated that way. Sometimes, it had even made it to the floor.


I am not patient enough to pause to insert my brush (handle down of course) in a jar or insert it into any of the holes or slots  in any of the various types of brush holders available.

So, The Brush Catcher was born.

All you have to do is drop the brush anywhere over the Brush Catcher, and it will catch and hold it until it settles down. See it in action in this video . . .

Available in all the primary colors $12 each.


Click a picture below to get yours.

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