For a long time, I have wished for a book devoted to the narrative art journal/sketchbook - the kind that tell a story. A book that would go into the details of why and how pages are created.

Why was that subject chosen as page-worthy?

What is the story behind the page?

How do you go about translating an interesting subject to a drawing or painting in your journal?

What art tips and techniques are particular to journals?  What tools and supplies are especially helpful?

Why is keeping an artist journal so darn much fun?

This is that book - I had to write it because nobody else had. Of all the art journaling books out there, non are about the narrative art journal - the one that tells the stories of your life.

I have been an illustrator and gallery painter all my life, but have kept visual journals for only nine years. I have been more taken with the joys, challenges, and stories of the pages created in my journals those years than with all the paintings done for galleries, and illustrations done for clients.

I have also been an art teacher all my life - in and out of institutions of learning, but I have never felt more satisfaction than when I teach students about the "gift" of an art journal, because I know what wonders are in store for them.

So there is a lot to learn here too.

See below for some thumbnails to give you the "flavor" of Art Journal Chronicles, Volume 1.

ARTIST JOURNAL CHRONICLES is a digital book in PDF format, which will be available for download upon check-out, and the link will be emailed to you in your receipt. This publication can be read on any computer or mobile device.

This publication was created entirely on an iPad, and pages are formatted for perfect reading on tablets.


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