The Artist Whisperer offers easy art lessons which guarantee your success by gently reminding you of what you already know - bringing out the fearless artist of refrigerator gallery fame.

Though the lessons are easy to follow, and often feel like play, you are learning valuable art basics on which to build a solid practice.

Jessica has been teaching art as long as she has been creating art - in high schools and colleges, online, and at selected retreat venues.

These books reflect her sense of humor and ability to simplify even the most complicated things.

All books are instant downloads - PDF files which can be read on any computer or device.

CLICK on pictures for complete descriptions of Workbooks . . .

Beginners, learn to draw before you know it. Fun step-by-step instruction with practice drawings.

By the end of this 100 page book, you will be able to draw the scene on the cover without thinking twice.

Drawing fantasy flowers is pretty easy, but most folks avoid drawing real ones - thinking it’s too complicated. But, think again. Once you learn some tricks, drawing real flowers is easy too!

A simple step-by-step formula allows you to draw flowers from photos with great accuracy..

90 pages - all about pages!

Art journal pages, that is.

The what, when, why and how.

I try to make sure my love of the narrative art journaling experience is contagious, so you can share this joyful and life-enriching activity.

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