Sketch This . . . Baskets in Corrales

This begins a new series for this blog – sketch challenges – Yay!

Last week I took a day trip to the wonderful little village of Corrales, near Albuquerque, to spend a day wandering.

One of my first stops, appropriately, was Nomades (wandering, get it?), which is a very eclectic shop full of beautiful imported things large and small.

These colorful baskets were stacked in front and I thought they were a perfect subject for a journal sketch.

And yes, that is me in the window – for those of you who are always wanting a picture of me – ha!

I’m working on my sketch, but I decided that you might like to sketch this too.

At first, it looks too complicated, perhaps, but most things do at first.

If you are not used to simplifying, I’m going to give you a little help.

First, you don’t need me in the window, or the window at all . . .

You might find it fun to sketch the whole pile, but if that is intimidating, you can simplify some more.

Experiment with what you can get rid of. Maybe these baskets would not be necessary . . .

You can download this photo to your phone or tablet and erase them to see if you like the simpler version . . .

Now, it looks easy but not quite as colorful.

But nobody says you can’t use the color from those missing baskets instead.

If you sketch this and post it anywhere, give us a link in a comment, or, on Facebook or Instagram, add this hashtag so we can find it


Have fun!



  1. What a fun challenge, jessica! I’m not much of a sketcher, but I’d like to try it. I probably won’t do a photographic-style rendition, but I don’t think you expect that from everyone, right? I think the idea of a sketch series from your photos is a great one. You have taken some wonderful photos, so I am looking forward to it.

  2. No AM going to sketch this. I’m at my daughter’s for birthdays and an eye doctor appointment so I’m very busy but this looks like a good one to sketch for this Thanksgiving season! Besides, I find it hard to pass up a challenge.

  3. I’ve done mine. Just check out the #sketchthis tag! What are you all doing? I hope someone else joins in!

  4. I’m going to join you! I Started on the whole picture but I may end up with the simpler version because I am SO slow!
    C’mon everybody – let’s take a minute and do this.

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