And the Seasons . . . they go round and round . . .

Yes, it is a record – I have never gone missing this long from my blog and social media. After enough caring emails about whether I am ok, I thought I should let you know I am indeed OK.

The concept of seasons is rich with so many layers of meaning.

I am just realizing that my life is SO very seasonal. My art gallery, my vacation rental, AND my two gardens all peak at the same time of year.

May until the end of October is a blur of activity and responsibility that makes my head spin. I have always realized that my head was spinning, but never actually stopped to figure out why.

So, I am coming down from my busy season and ready to be back in touch.

Autumn is the season of CHANGE and this beautiful Hydrangea blossom is showing all her color transitions.

And the Fall garden is in transition as well – a yearly happening that is bittersweet for me, and downright irritating for Mark. I drive him crazy during the sporadic freeze phase – shlepping things in and out.

As a weather and radar junkie, I always know when the overnight temperature will kill the plants. I can deal with that when we are looking at persistent cold, but there is always this time of limbo: daytime temperatures in the 70’s and plenty of  sun and overnight lows in the 40’s, so most flowering plants are still at it. But then, we get a surprise, a one night freeze that can put an end to it all. So, we carry lots of the containers indoors overnight . . .

This is the entrance way, but we also fill the dining room. Then, in the morning, they all go back out to enjoy the next batch of sunny days. Meanwhile, I work on moving the most tender plants like the Tropical Hibiscus to the greenhouse for the winter.

In the evenings, it is still warm and pretty enough for the dogs and I to spend some swing time.

The garden is not exactly photogenic, but it is still so pretty . . .


The courtyard Aspens cover everything in golden, dropped leaves, which will make great mulch for the Winter. It is the sign that the end of this year’s gardening season is right around the corner.

SO, what else have I been doing?

Having great fun with art and discoveries, and am looking forward to sharing them.

But, I would really like to solicit your opinions on the present state of blogging.

It seems that so many artist blogs have gone sleepy if they are alive at all, and their authors are hanging out on Facebook, Instagram, etc. instead.

Are blogs still interesting to you? Do you like the more detailed approach to things, or are we entering an era where quick and minimal is the way? I want to know how you’re feelings about this these days.

I love Instagram and haven’t even had time for that in the last three months, but now, I have some time again and wonder where to spend it.

Though I do love browsing my Instagram feed, I very often find myself desiring to know more details. I am a lover of “story” in all things.

How about you?

Talk to me  . . . and you don’t have to be quick and minimal. Please share your thoughts.



  1. I prefer blogs. When Facebook posts include links to blogs, I know there will be something more interesting to see and learn. More of my questions are answered through blogs, and I always have questions.

  2. Blog please. I love to hear/read about thoughts, feelings, and stories behind the pictures and photos. Otherwise they are just pretty pictures and I can get them anywhere…. That is one of the main reasons I love your postings—you tell us what you’re doing, how you do it, and why you’re doing it. Much, much more interesting.

  3. I see other media as a “quick hello.” A blog lets me know what’s on your heart. And that’s what I want to know.

  4. I enjoy your blogs Jessica and that hydrangea is gorgeous!! Happy fall.

  5. Your blog is the only one I read and enjoy. I spend my time on FB. I have Instagram but I don’t really know how to use it well.

  6. I enjoy a few blogs. Longtime favorites. I don’t keep up my own anymore because I am not in long term projects or groups that share via blogs but I do enjoy the few I see! I too like more details than Instagram allows which is why I like Facebook which is great for sharing but not so great when people don’t like my politics which gets somewhat shared on the same site. Blogs are usually more narrowly focused which I like. Coming here and to another blog or two is a “breathing deep space”. Refreshing and uplifting and we need that so much right now, at least I do!

    I love the look of your garden. It looks like a retreat space! I can see it’s a lot of work but it looks so idyllic and restful for casual observer!

    So glad too, you are doing fine. I am moving into my busy season. Birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas all fill November through February for me.

  7. I do not look at social media. A blog is the most straightforward way to present material.

  8. I love reading your blog. It gives me insights into why you do things, how you did it and your musings about life and all things artistic.i like hearing about your dog’s, gallery and recovery also birds. I like to see your garden and read about trips etc. I really like your blog, but if the need to do it in a certain time frame, or to write it at all causes you stress, then I urge you to do what you know is best for you.

  9. I love your blog. I like the combination of story and photos, the details of your life and adventures. The paintings and photos and the accompanying commentary. While Instagram is wonderful for beautiful images and Facebook is great for a quick post, a well-written blog such as yours is a delightful escape into another world for a while. It’s meant to be lingered over and returned to for another look, often again and again. Another bonus to a blog is the ease of locating a post you wish to see again, as opposed to scrolling through endless Facebook posts in search of something. Please keep blogging if it still pleases you to do so! I enjoy whatever you post, wherever you post it, but your blog is my favorite place!

  10. I love your blogs. They’re thoughtful, informative, and picturesque, and I always read them. I much prefer them than FB.

  11. I much prefer blog posts. I love a good, interesting read about sineone’s Life and adventures. Political discussions; however, will send me running for the door, especially in today’s incredibly divisive climate. I love reading about your garden, seeing your artwork and your photographs. I haven’t kept up my blog because I’m not much of a writer and never garnered much of a readership. But I still enjoy reading others. And, yes, many of my favorites have gone dark.

  12. I don’t do Instagram or Snapchat or others and I rarely look at Facebook. I much prefer reading blogs so I hope you will continue writing posts. And while I rarely make comments, I do read your posts!

  13. Love your garden, love your blog. Keep sharing, please. Feelings from the heart and soul are important, and Facebook lacks intimacy. Instagram is fine, but is more impersonal than a blog.

  14. I love blogs. I do go on Facebook and when I find an artist or writer or whoever that interests me I go looking to see if they have a blog. Facebook, Instagram, etc. give you a little taste but blogs are the feast of social media. Much more intimate and much more informative. So please keep blogging.

  15. I feel so much better. I can’t seem to blog much anymore and I use Facebook and Instagram to share my artwork and stories. I have even lapse with posting to Pinterest which really launched my art studio.

    I am torn, too. I enjoy blogs still from time to time but have discovered more following me and other artists in other places. Maybe it’s a shift for all of us

    I love reading and following you thru whatever platform you choose. Just keep making art and helping other artists. I so appreciate what you’ve done for me.

  16. I read your blog posts. FB doesn’t always update and I loath twitter. I am not an instagram follower, guess I am old school!

  17. I don’t do Instagram or Snapchat. I only use FB for family matters and then only when my sister coerces me. I HATE FB. Please, oh, please continue to blog.

  18. I love your blog posts and that might seem strange, because we do engage in a lot of sister-phone-time chatting too. BUT TRUTHFULLY? I JUST LOVE THE WAY YOU WRITE. It so closely resembles the way you think…which is a compelling reason for me to tune in and read all of your long and short thought streams. So, keep it up sis! xxooxxooxxoo

  19. Well now, this seems pretty clear, right? But seriously, you asked for, and got, OUR answers, but as several others said, we want you to do what is best for YOU. We will follow you wherever you go.

  20. I definitely much prefer a blog to any other kind of social media. Instagram is too concise for me, FB tends to upset me most of the time since I can’t find the actual posts I want to read in between all the politics and stupid posts and everyone just sharing everything that every one else is. Twitter doesn’t do much for me either. Give me a rambling conversation any day over clipped and concise text that doesn’t say much. So please, continue to blog. It was always through your blogs that I learned to much and came to feel that I almost knew you. Thanks for everything over the years and here’s to many more. Thanks Jessica!

  21. Whether you blog once a week or once a year, I enjoy the email that tells me you’ve posted. Keep blogging and don’t fret about the time.

  22. I, too, love to read your blog posts. I enjoy getting a taste of Santa Fe and your garden. Love your writing style. I have a blog but forget to use it. Maybe I just haven’t found my purpose for a blog. Even I get tired of my photos. I have a lot to say that has nothing to do with my photos. As I write this comment, I see a pattern forming. I have NEVER written for me. I’ve always written what I think other readers might like. And since I have let go of the idea of making money with a blog, I now see no reason to write anything other than what I want as an online visual journal. Maybe I’ve finally got it. Maybe I now know why I want to have a blog. I always enjoy reading yours so I hope you keep up the great work.

  23. You are a premier blogger in every way! I so count on your blogs‍♂️! I have really missed them. I think you get the message from all of the responses…. by the way, the plants look lovely in the hallway too. Love that garden. We are having a cold spell here too. 58 degrees. I only bring my plants in during hurricanes.

  24. LOL – I wish there was a way to reply to each comment like on Facebook.
    Betsy – that is SO funny. (Betsy just moved to Naples, FL).
    Marianna – I think that the best blogs are written by people who are writing for themselves. You never know what an audience might like, and that approach does not provide the joy in writing and sharing.
    Kristy – I love following you and Michael through your adventures too – on whatever platform.
    Sister Cass – What a beautiful comment and complement!
    All of you Friends – I knew that you would do what you always do, and give thoughtful feedback to my question. It is heartening to hear. I don’t know if we all are a little old-fashioned, but I totally agree with your comments. I wish there were more great blogs to read, and when/if I find them, I will share.
    Thank you for your concerns about my needs, and I will watch out for them, but I do love writing and sharing, so as long as there is time, and as long as you keep reading, I will carry on.

  25. From time to time I must feed my outside self with “minimal” (starve off the fat!) but in spite of, or maybe, because of, that, I love to feed the inside me with rich- meaty-interesting-ideas- facts- designs- colors, the musings of like-minded souls.
    all of that is what I find in your blog. So please, please keep them coming. I know it takes a deal of your time and thought, but we depend on and miss you when you go dark for just a while…please stay with us.

  26. Not being a Facebook-er, and only an intermittent Instagram browser, I definitely would still like to see more of your blogging – even if there are long gaps. I love stories too, and really enjoy yours. And your photos, your garden your dogs, your art and everything else you write about.
    I feel as if I know you, at least a little, even though we live on opposite sides of the world. I do so hope you’ll continue.

  27. I much prefer blogs and love reading yours. please don’t stop!

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