A Winter Weed Discovery . . .



Christmas morning was cold, but there was no wind and the sky was blue, so the sun touched everything with golden light as I walked with my dog, Teddy.

He’s the one who loves wildflowers, but there aren’t any to be seen at this time of year, He still made several stops, though, and led me to pay attention to some weeds that displayed the most beautiful salmon color and a full range of sunset golds and pinks. The weeds almost glowed.

As an avid gardener, I tend to just put up with Winter, and don’t usually pay attention to the dried up foliage along the paths. Just a bunch of “brown”, I think, and depressing.

But again the lesson about stopping to smell the roses, or in this case, notice the weeds. Who knew such beauty was hiding there.

So, some samples returned to the studio with us.

I had promised myself some journaling time, and what better subject than this beautiful bouquet.

Here is the page that resulted. . .


The twists and turns of the leaves made this a bit of a challenge, but the page is certainly a great record of my Christmas Day, and lesson learned.




  1. I love weeds. These are spectacular. What did you photo them against as a background. That has lovely shading too.

  2. I saw some cows in a field of leftover pumpkins and dead cornstalks today but couldn’t stop to take a picture as I was driving on the freeway here in CA. The few pumpkins and cornstalks looked so pretty against the blue sky and our finally greening up hillsides.

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