WOW! I’m a Guest Artist on Doodlewash!

I am so proud to be a featured artist on the Doodlewash website – the most exciting watercolor website there is!

I have been intending to tell you about World Watercolor Month coming up in July, and then this happened, so I could not let it go another second.

I know lots of you have an affinity for watercolor. Lots of watercolor organizations out there are quite traditional and even a bit stodgy about sticking to traditional watercolor rules etc., so I don’t pay much attention even though watercolor has been my thing for a lifetime.

But last year, through blessed Instagram, I discovered a new thing started by a really great guy named Charlie O’Shields, called World Watercolor Month.

It was VERY easy to participate. All you had to do was add a #worldwatercolormonth hashtag when you posted any watercolor you painted in the month of July – and the idea was to try to paint one everyday.

This was perfect for art journaling and I jumped right in (although I did not manage a painting a day because I am so slow.)

Everyday, you could search that hashtag and see all the latest paintings.

Well, this idea of Charlie’s really took off . . .

World Watercolor Month

And, when it wasn’t July anymore, nobody wanted to stop, so the hashtage became #worldwatercolorgroup, and the beat went on.

The watercolors are referred to as “doodlewashes” because they are supposed to be fun and casual.

And then there was a “” site and daily blog, and product reviews and featured artists, and the whole thing became the most exciting watercolor community on the internet.

So, if you like watercolor and you don’t know about this, do yourself a favor. Go get acquainted and jump right into World Watercolor Month 2017, which starts Saturday.

And please go read my article here. You might learn something about the sawdust in my past. Click the picture.

GUEST ARTIST: “Disney Meets Dali” by Jessica Wesolek



  1. Love the article, doodlewashes, layout and everything! Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations Jessica! Loved your watercolors, product information and everything else in the article!

  3. Enjoyed your article. I always enjoy your artwork! Congrats on being featured artist!

  4. Congrats – great article re. one of my favorite artists – YOU!

  5. You must really have a smart head resting on your neck. The shorter response is that I don’t know very much about this while a longer answer might be I’m going to understand what I’m able to on the subject. I must say, I really love what you’ve done to your website. I used to study this topic when I was in school. It is really magnificent you do not have more followers.

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