Patience Is A Virtue?

I have been active on the art web scene for 16 years, and for 16 years, I have been waiting patiently for myself to put some of my artwork online . . .and I don’t really think that was so virtuous. Maybe there’s another P word for that. Maybe procrastination?

I am in the gallery business and if anybody knows how the art world has changed and how online presence matters, it is I.

In fact, things have changed so much that few brick & mortar galleries actually sell art from their websites – because patrons will just go to the artist’s website to try to get a better deal. They don’t actually get a better deal, because the pro artists don’t want to mess up their gallery relationships, but they think they will. Some galleries don’t even display artist names with their work anymore, because people take cell phone shots and go look the artist up online instead. We do display the artist names but do not allow phone use or photography in the gallery.

But, I digress.

Three things motivated my setting up an Online Shop.

  1. I won’t go behind my own back and undersell the gallery. (Did you ever try to go behind your own back? Can’t do it, actually.)
  2. There are a lot of people out there that won’t physically get to my gallery, and might like my work.
  3. I am so sick of explaining to people why I don’t sell my work online.

So, I have a cute little shop. It is not on Etsy. I don’t like Etsy for many reasons that I won’t go into.

At this moment, it has my inexpensive line of sterling silver and turquoise earrings in it.

AND  . . . my art prints.

My art is crazy high color and VERY difficult to reproduce accurately. This is one of the things that has kept me from doing prints, in fact.

But, at long last, I found the right formula.

I sell my prints in two formats:

  1. Printed with archival inks on premium mat photo paper, and matted in an 8-ply, double thick, museum mat (Very tasteful and expensive-looking presentation). Image size is either 8 x 10 or 8 x 8, and the outside of the mat is 11 x 14 – which is a standard frame size. Every print is printed and matted and hand-signed by me.
  2. Unmatted – Printed with archival inks on a premium mat inkjet vinyl. Waterproof and tear-proof, letter size. You can display these on a clipboard or pin to the wall. The print is hand signed by me.

Take a look:

The shop is just beginning – there will be a lot more stuff as I continue to build it, but it is open and functioning now.

I have flat rate shipping for Domestic Priority Mail. Lots of items can ship in the same box.

International orders – please email me and we will work out the shipping options.


I have a kiln load of my handmade glass watercolor palettes in the smaller sizes. (Ann Cumbie – get ready – I will have some in that size you love).

Three years ago, I brought a few little samples to a journaling retreat we had in Tubac, Arizona. I only had four of them, and the students loved them and bought them.

I loved them and was moved to make my big one for my studio, which I ADORE, and which shows up in a lot of my Instagram posts. There are so many requests that I will make a few of those for sale once that big kiln gets going.

But, meanwhile, I did some experimenting with some smaller ones and they turned out great. They will hit the shop soon.

I will let you know right here when they do.

Here is the post where I first showed my big one:

Perfect Watercolor Palettes for Home and Travel . . .





  1. These palettes are FABULOUS!! I love mine. I’m going to give my art teacher one and a spare. So that’s 2 small ones and a big one just for ME!

  2. Jessica, please consider my last post as an order.

  3. Cool! I am very curious about the glass with palettes, are there pictures of them?

  4. HI Ann – I will but you may want to wait until we see the cost on the big 10×10. It’s very tedious to do and will be priced accordingly. The little (bigger and nicer than the one you have will be $30. But, I haven’t figured out the rest of it.
    Hi Suzanne – there will be pictures. There is nothing like them in the world and they are amazing for many reasons – not only that you can see through them to test colors on your work. I am working on pictures and description pages, but meanwhile, I saw you just followed me on Instagram and there are several pictures there. It’s that gorgeous thing that is usually to the left of my sketchbook.

  5. I look forward to purchasing the smaller version! Yay!

  6. Okay, you’ve scared me now. LOL. Let me know the price of the big one. And I’ll still take two small ones.

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