House Plants that are Good for You!

I love this plant, and as it turns out it loves me too!

You have seen this common plant everywhere. I have usually purchased them in the nursery in Spring when I am planting container arrangements. Even as babies, they are a very cool vertical accent to any grouping of flowering plants.

And they are hard to kill – which is why this one is almost 10 years old, over 4 feet tall, and still with me.

It wouldn’t be if the cats had anything to say about it. They love to eat the leaves.

I bring this (and two younger siblings) into the greenhouse in the Winter, and usually tie the leaves up into vertical ponytails so they don’t take up the whole greenhouse! (Vertical ponytails – now there’s a sketch!)

But, if you don’t have cats, this is a houseplant that can help keep you healthy – by filtering toxins from the air. Who knew?

The very first issue of Breathe magazine, which I have mentioned here before, had an article on “Natural Filters”  – houseplants that filter the air in your home.

I was excited that I had three more of the plants on the list besides Dracaena:

Ivy, Peace Lily, Aloe Vera

The rest of the plants were:

Rubber Plant, Bamboo Palm, Golden Pothos, and Weeping Fig.

If you have any of these, pat yourself on the back and then decide to take really good care of them because they are taking good care of you.

When I took my biggest Dracaena out to the garden early this year, I decided it was time she made it into my art/garden journal, but was a bit intimidated by the complication of the leaves.

It wasn’t as hard as I thought.

NOTE: Thanks to all participants in the challenge last time. I really enjoyed what you came up with and we will try that with other letters from time to time.

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  1. I received an email telling me there was a new post. Thanks Another plan very good for the air in your house is the spider plant.

  2. I,too, received an email about the post. Thank you.

  3. I received email notification on Friday for that post but not today. I’m reading this posting from Facebook.

  4. In that case, Barbara, if you want to keep receiving notices, please sign up at the top of the sidebar for the new list. Some addresses did not transfer for some odd reason or another. Anyone else who did not get a notice today, please do the same if you want notices.

  5. I got the e-mail and saw the post on Facebook. It’s workin’!

  6. Hey Jessica,
    yep the link worked for the first time in ages and ages and all the way over in Australia ! Usually when I get your email saying there’s a new posting I have to type your name into the search engine. This time the link took me straight there which was terrific.
    Cheers, Julie

  7. *This* Australian got your new notification too. It didn’t even go to Spam. (I’ve had no problems with the old link, unlike Julie – above.)

  8. I got the link via email. Amazingly enough, I have several of the “healthy” plants. And Roxy, my maltipoo, has shown no interest in any of them. I’m moving mine back outside this week.

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