The Things I Don’t Know . . .

I had a birthday in January. It was one of those that is too close to one of those that make you stop and consider what you are doing with your life . . .

As you all know, I have a BIG life full of a lot of stuff. It is very hard to figure out what is going on sometimes, and the attempt at simplification creates a head full of blah-blah-blah self discussion, where neither participant actually has any answers.

I know you know the feeling.

What in the heck do I want to do when I grow up?

I really like Instagram. Why? It’s simple and easy to post. And I tend to share more often because of that. But what do I like about my time spent as an observer there?

I think I like what other artists are liking – following along with the progress and “story” of the art-life of those you admire.

Maybe you see a piece just finished, or maybe a piece in progress. Or maybe just some beautiful photos of what that artist saw that day and found inspiring.

Or maybe a product found, a tip or technique that’s interesting. A question.

So why can’t my blog be like that?

Maybe it can. So, I am going to try that for awhile and see how I like it. See how you like it.

To be honest, my biggest roadblock to posting seems to be the complication of sending the MailChimp notice. I wanted something simpler that will auto-send the notice when a new post goes up. I think I found a good solution.

If you GOT a notice for this post, you are already transferred to the new list and don’t have to re-subscribe.

If you would like to get a notice when a new post goes up, please sign-up at the top of the sidebar to the right.

This is a PRIVATE  list within my blog, within my website. Of course, I will not use your email for anything else, or let anybody see it.

Here is a little challenge for you:

Describe yourself in three words that start with A. Not as easy as it seems. Answer in Comments.

Example: I am artistic, anal, active.

I’m not nuts about the word anal, but I have to admit I am that.



  1. Artistic, amiable, adaptable, aged. I know that’s four but I couldn’t stop. This was not easy.

  2. Able, agreeable, and ample. Not nuts about the ample, but admitting its existence.

  3. I am artsy, aging (attempting with grace), ambitious

  4. Anxious, (chronic but controlled), amicable and ADHD wired. Which may explain #1.

  5. Acrobatic (only on the ground though, not the air..heh), anxious, and artsy.

  6. Artsy, anxious, adaptable.
    I got the email so am on the new list. That means I don’t need to fill in that box on the right, correct?

  7. Abdominous? I have to go look that one up – but you probably would need to drop the “not” off the last one, Llynnda – anyone who comes up with the word abdominous is amazing in my book.
    Timaree and other previous subscribers – right, if you were on the MailChimp list and got an email sending you to this post, you are already transferred to the new private list and don’t have to do anything.

    This “describe yourself” challenge is really fun. I think I will throw one of these out there now and then – with different letters, of course.

  8. Artistic, animal-loving, and somewhat anal (at times). I asked my son to describe me with 3 characteristics that started with and his list was: Awesome, adorable and ancient.

  9. Artsy, Anxious, and Antsy…at least recently…subject to change I hope. I’d like to replace anxious and antsy with adaptable and agreeable!

  10. Authentic, affectionate, animal-loving, artistic.
    Yes, that’s four but I’m more than just the first three! I’m more than these four too, but I didn’t think a longer list would be tolerated.

  11. You ladies are all adorable.
    I have not heard of IFTTT and will surely explore it. Thanks for that, Gill.

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