Great New Mini-Books by Vesta Abel


Vesta Abel is well known and loved by many as one of the founders of rubber stamping and paper crafts. She had a company called Comotion, which was one of the largest and most successful, and she was always on TV with Aileen, Carol Duvall and others. She is one of the most creative people on earth, and has always been sharing her creativity with others. She has written books for publishers and many, many articles for the popular magazines.

These days, she owns a boutique gallery in Tubac, Arizona, and she has been a sister-friend of mine for a very long time.

Because I also own a gallery, she sat me down a while back to teach me how I could make these best selling amulet bags for my own gallery (I told you she shares!). I made one with her guidance and came home all excited to make more. But this poor, overloaded brain of mine had let some of those details slip. I have called a couple of times for reminders, which she patiently gave me, but I was thrilled to learn, just the other day, that there is now a book! Yay! I think she did this just so I would quit bugging her.

Vesta now has the brilliant plan of sharing some of her vast array of art and jewelry through little e-books, available for download on Amazon for just $2.99

Vesta’s Page at Amazon

I ran over and bought the book and read it cover-to-cover. With her signature step-by-step way of teaching, with clear and simple photos for every step, it was just like being there with her – except we couldn’t go next door to Shelby’s for french fries!


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  1. I remember Vesta so well from the wonderful art retreat Sunrise Springs in Santa Fe with you. She was a wonderful and sweet teacher and her work, like yours, is to treasure for years to come.

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