Tiny House, Anyone?

I did it. Bought a big kiln and have nowhere to put it.

I started the studio purge that is necessary to make room for this big boy (about 4 x 5 feet), but didn’t get far enough by the time it arrived.

Also, I neglected to consider that it might come in a crate . . . a VERY big crate!

So, a total lack of prior planning is all.

The truck driver had no sense of humor and was in a hurry, so I had to find a place for him to put this monster – fast.

Good thing Mark has moved half of his ’57 “Chevy-in-progress” to a friend’s shop in town. Yes, it is in two halves currently. I call them top and bottom. He calls them frame and body. The body is still in the two car garage, but the frame is not. So that’s where I had the driver put the crate.

So then Mark came home.

It wasn’t pretty.

“What are we going to do with that crate?” he wanted to know. “It’s huge!” (This was after he was done huffing and puffing about “territory” issues.)

“How about calling it a tiny house and putting it on Air BnB?” I offered.

He had no sense of humor either.

It’s a problem to be solved, but no hill for climbers, and every time I peek inside the crate, I get excited. This kiln is a work of art.

Of course, it would probably be more exciting to be able to use it to make some works of art.


Thank you for your enthusiasm about the idea of a new magazine.

It was enough to get me going, and I am half done with the first issue already. I love doing it, so if it ends up that my time gets compensated, I will keep doing it.

Stay tuned – it won’t be long.

And, along with all this, I am still making the transition to a new website. I have abandoned SquareSpace because it’s too hard, and have moved on to Wix, which seems easier.

I used it to set up a website for my Vacation Rental in about two hours. Of course I had all the graphics already.

Here’s that website (tell me what you think). I put all the reviews from VRBO in the blog part of the site and I think it looks impressive.


Anyway, pretty soon, we will all move to more exciting platform where we can enjoy slideshows and videos and magazines and who knows what all.

But right now, I have to go clean my garage!!!!



  1. A new kiln is awesome and exciting! I am looking forward to seeing what comes out of it…I have this little pottery and glass obsession.

  2. Lol, for someone who would actually change this into a Tiny House, check out Derek’s blog here (there’s even a tiny bit of art from his planning out things: http://relaxshacks.blogspot.com. He has made some tiny to the extreme houses just for the fun of it.

    As for territorial, my husband even has his and her shelves in the freezer and I definitely get a minute part of his garage (my laundry has to be in there plus I do have to have some yard tools but he has made my space definite and none too large!

    Hope you enjoy the kiln. Nothing like having it there in a crate to light the fire under you lol! Waiting for word on your magazine then!

    My husband

  3. Just leave it in the crate, add another one and have a tiny house studio. Ha. Anyway it’s exciting that it has arrived.

  4. We are lucky to have two garages – a 2-car and a single. Mark got the 2-car because even if he has one car, it’s in at least two pieces, and I got the single car because one would think I would fit in there, given that I have a bedroom computer studio and a greenhouse watercolor studio. But, you know how that goes. We never fight about money or any of the usual things – we fight about me putting things in his garage and him stealing my tools (which have scratches and his don’t.) I finally went out and got some tools with flowers on them so he would leave them alone!

  5. Jessica, currently I have my kiln in the garage. My husband wired the garage to handle the power. We purchased a container for my kilns. Hubby will wire the container for my kilns. I can’t hardly wait.

    I’m excited for you. Nothing like having your own kiln. Woohoo!

  6. I do have my own kiln, but it has a 16″ shelf and I am limited to a small number of pieces per firing. This one has a 26″ square shelf and is standing height so you can assemble stuff right on the shelf without bending. Here’s what it will look like when I get the crate off it if anybody is interested (it’s a glass kiln): https://kilnfrog.com/collections/jen-ken/products/profusion-26

  7. So glad that you received your kiln. Can’t wait to see the magazine. Your vacation rental site looks really good.

  8. Glad you got your new kiln—and hope to see some fabulous creations soon! I’m also very happy and excited that your magazine is becoming a reality. Checked out your website for Casa Artista and thought it was well designed with, of course, great photographs. Wish I could go there right now….

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