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I have become excited again about art-y magazines . . .

In my opinion, there has been a long dark night of the soul when it comes to finding art-y magazines that are DIFFERENT and inspiring. With just a couple of publishers in the field, all has become one thing and it isn’t everybody’s thing.

But recently, I have been very excited to find publications coming out of Europe that are completely fresh and different, creative, and BEAUTIFULLY designed and illustrated. They have awakened my love of well-designed and executed communication in the arts.

I love the Breathe magazine so much that I actually caress the paper and take all kinds of visual notes in my journals, as I read the contents. Sounds a little weird but I know that you know what I mean about savoring something so well done. Barnes and Noble carries both Breathe and Flow, which is another favorite.

You can also order Breathe here:

Both of these magazines are about a broader subject than creative projects alone – they are about creative living in a mindful way. I love them and I love the trend in publishing.

15 years ago, I put myself on the web map by publishing a digital magazine. In those days, there was no way to do that except by creating a series of web pages and it was a big job.

I gave the magazine away free because it was my marketing tool and I had art products to sell – Sheer Heaven and rubber stamps, workshops, etc. 6000 people subscribed to the free magazine.

Then there was a newsletter format publication called Whatever . . .Whenever which eventually became my blog..

A few years later. I published another magazine series called “Amusings” which reached out a little further into the creative life along with creative projects. There were 14 of those issues and the series was not free, but lots of folks bought and enjoyed it.

Then, I did only 3 issues of a lovely magazine called “Captured” which was all beautiful photography and quotes and poems, and was intended to bring a serene respite into your busy lives. That was free and a lot of work, and so I could not continue to invest the time. Everyone LOVED that one.

Many of you will remember all of that.

Now, that Sheer Heaven and the rubber stamps are gone, I am re-inventing my online brand. I still have the workbooks and workshops as products, but I am feeling the desire to create something that encompasses my favorite things : illustration, instruction, photography, writing, and mindful, healthful, creative living.

The obvious answer is an amazing digital magazine.

This would be a compendium of little art lessons, fun mindful exercises, beautiful photography with stories, quotes, and poetry where appropriate, “gift” pages of designs, small projects, prompts for this and that, etc. Permission would be given to print out some of the pages to pin to your wall for inspiration. There would be a lot of illustration and idea starters as well. I would give out iPad tips as often as I could, and explore the possibilities of our new technology in our creative endeavors. There would be book and product reviews as well. Since art journaling, drawing and watercolor are my passions, there would be a strong connection to that kind of art activity. I also want to explore interactivity in publication design. That’s a big topic better seen than explained but basically, you choose what and how much you want to see.

In my mind, Captured Moments (the title) would be a beautiful thing. Issues would be published whenever they get completed. No stress, no disappointment.

Digital issues would be $10. This cannot be free. We all know how busy I am, and although I would LOVE creating this, it can’t be just a “labor of love” this time.

So, I am writing this post to ask for your feedback, which is going to have more weight than any feedback I have asked for in the past.

Would you buy this magazine? Please leave a comment or email me with your thoughts.

Your response is not a commitment – except to an idea.

I would love to do this and build a creative community around it, but I gotta feel the love.

Just A Note . . .

I am amused by how the sequence of my titles speaks to my own life journey.

By the time I got to “Amusings” I was starting to settle down a little, and “Captured” was quite relaxed. “Captured Moments” really echoes my acceptance and attempted practice of mindfulness in my own life.

But look back to the first magazine – “Now What?”. There’s a real monkey mind at work. Always on to the next new idea! Not so serene at all. And Whatever . . .Whenever” reflected spinning around in the eddy of it all.

Aaaah . . . isn’t insight wonderful?




  1. Hurry the heck up and publish the first one!!!! I’ll send my $10 priority mail today!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jessica, I am afraid I am the first to comment but really not tge best as I love everything you do but I don’t really fit into the niche like many others. I am on the other side of 70, basically a quilter for over 50 years and I am just now breaking away from the old quilting into the new and modern, and loving it. I have always been fascinated by art in all forms but have, for many reasons, stayed with quilting. So now to answer your question with another question.
    Where do I send my money?! I will continue to follow and support your endeavors.

  3. Jessica,
    I would be interested in the digital magazine. I like the title. Before purchasing the magazine, I would like a brief synopisis of what it contains. I have to say that I truly miss your photography classes. I would like to learn how to take night photos.

    I would be interested in purchasing your digital magazines.

    Cathy in AZ

  4. And don’t forget your Digital Stamping Magazine–such fun until it disappeared.

  5. Cathy, I am actually thinking that the first couple articles of the first issue will be free so everyone can get a feel before purchasing.

  6. Ah – I forgot the Digital Stamping Magazine – which was a thinly veiled Photoshop and digital illustration vehicle. I think were 6 issues of that one. My my – I wonder if I have forgotten any others?
    And Llynda – if I had a speck of quilting or needlework talent, I would be talking about that too! I love quilts – for their beauty and for their “story”.

  7. Yes, I would buy the digital magazine! It would be fun to look at all the tips!! I know I would enjoy!

  8. I think a “look before you buy” option would be excellent. I still have printed out copies of some of your earlier magazines and would love to see how your ideas have developed. I would subscribe if the content interested me. I especially enjoy things to do–from art to meditation, photography to gardening.

  9. I’m pretty sure I would buy this. I have always loved your work, both your artwork and the magazines you created which inspired me.
    How many issues a year?
    You have been a big, always positive influence in my life.
    I am looking forward to this.

  10. For $10 per issue, yes, I would definitely subscribe. I know that many of your other followers and students have seen your other digital products. I feel that I really lost out on more learning from you. Since I’m a photographer, I might get new ideas for publishing free pages for subscribers to my yet-to-be-made online photography journal pages.

    I’m one of your more senior followers and I also quilt. But I’ve decided that 2017 is going to be my year of discovery and reflection.

    So, bring it on. I don’t travel much yet so online classes or products work best for me.

  11. Jessica,
    I have taken your online and on ground courses. Traveled with you, shopped with you, sipped margaritas with you. What do you think? Of course, count me in!

  12. Well…you have come full circle from Now What. I loved that and still have printouts from it, and I’ve followed you ever since…it was my “drug of choice”.
    I have a good life but financially am below the poverty level of income. I may be able to work out purchasing it…I need some time to decide how I might do that. Oh…also…Whatever….Whenever was a favorite too. Hopefully, where there’s will, there’s a way…so am looking forward to the first issue.

  13. I would be interested. How many issues do you believe you would put out in a year?

  14. If I had to guess (without putting a stress thing on it) my aim would be 4-6 issues a year. But there would be no subscription. I will do a lot better job if allow these issues to create themselves in their own fashion. I would never want to be sticking something “less-than” in just to get something complete by a deadline. I buy the Flow issues ($23ea) and the Breathe issues are $12 at Barnes & Noble and I never regret a dime of it. Granted, they are printed but digital magazines have enough bells and whistles that print ones do not, that I do not see a value difference anymore. In fact, I buy the digital issue of any publication when I can because I can enlarge anything on the page to see it better, I can do screenshots to save out tips and favorite pages, and my issues are ALWAYS with me because my iPad is ALWAYS with me. In fact, I went to the hairdresser yesterday with a print issue of Flow and without my iPad. “What’s with you? – did your iPad break, she asked in shock.

  15. I think it’s a sound idea. I think for something that won’t be published at a set time you should set up an email list so you can let people know when to order one. It would be hard to have subscriptions as that would be too much pressure so an email letting us know an issue is ready to buy sounds great. Good luck!

  16. I’d love to buy it. Please do it. And you have inspired me to drive to Barnes & Noble tonight to buy the current issue of Breathe. Thank you for that.

  17. I am a rubber stamper with NO art training. I am always interested in seeing the artwork that other people do and I sometimes try to copy it. I love watercolors and I’m sure my attempts are laughable to true artists, but I do it mostly for my enjoyment. I would be very interested in buying your digital magazine.

  18. I am with you too, except I would love a real magazine versus digital. Hopefully a digital one would be available by iPad. I think an email list is a sound idea too, better than subscribing. Flow is a great magazine. I have to check out the other one.

  19. Count me in! I am definitely interested and would certainly buy your magazine. I think the email list is a great idea so that we would all know when a new issue came out.
    I absolutely loved the Captured Magazine and I’m wondering if there would be an opportunity for readers to submit photographs or articles or other artwork for consideration in your new magazine?
    I’m looking forward to hearing more about this wonderful idea soon! I too miss your photography classes so very much, and am forever thankful for them and you!

  20. i’d definitely give it a try. i love everything you do, Jessica, and love to support your efforts. so absolutely, count me in!!

  21. Yes, I’d love to buy it! Everything you write is so interesting. I look forward to reading it.

  22. Jessica
    I love and honor your work. I would not buy it because I do not enjoy spending hours on the internet. I like touching real paper as opposed to virtual paper. Although it is true that the world is moving to more and more online, it is not where I want to spend time and eyesight. I get that iI am a dinosaur. I like dinosaurs.

  23. Unfortunately, a printed paper magazine costs more than you even imagine if it is done with color and class. To justify the cost, you have to print thousands of copies and then sell thousands. My digital magazine would readable on all mobile devices as well as the computer, but there is no way to go the printed route.
    I like Dinosaurs too – they’re cute.

  24. I would love a magazine with content that inspires ME and is different from those on the market that I seldom buy. I have dropped all my subscriptions but would definitely subscribe to yours. Go for it!!

  25. Like many of the other commenters, I too love your work and have been in on the early days of many of your publications. You are a constant source of amazement because you are always conceiving and doing so many different things. I would definitely support Captured Moments. I read with interest your tips on how digital magazines are superior to the published ones, as I only subscribe to blogs and I didn’t even know the difference! Count me in—this will be my yearly birthday present!

  26. I would definitely buy your magazine! I have bought all your previous magazines, as well as various online photography classes and my absolute favorite iPad Studio!

  27. Count me in. I’m living in SE Asia for the next few years and only buy digital publications. Sounds like fun!

  28. I love the idea of your digital magazine!! $10 is a reasonable price for good content. I would be purchasing only the ones that would interest me so a little preview of each issue would be wonderful!! You have lots of great ideas and I am sure it will be beautiful as well so I look forward to the first issue and would sign up for notification of an issue being available. Would you put availability on this blog? One less thing to sign up for.


  29. Well, it looks like it’s a very positive and supportive response, Jessica. All I can add is, “Go for it!” And I’ll be waiting patiently – not! Make that *impatiently*. 😉

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