Tripod for Your iPad or iPhone

tripodThanks to my friend, Marianna, for this post idea. She reminded me in an email this morning, how often I am asked this question.

At my retreats, I use my iPad extensively for presenting lessons, showing video on a flat screen tv, and allowing students to look “over my shoulder” as I draw or paint an example.

Obviously, you can’t hold onto your iPad while drawing or painting, so I had to find a good table-top tripod.

What did I find?

It’s called the Vanguard VS-82, and you can find it here:

Vanguard VS-82 Tabletop Tri-pod

It is sturdy and that is the important thing because the full size iPad is heavy and can tip over most table top tripods.

You need a special clip also because there are no screw holes in iPads and iPhone like there are on camera bottoms.

The one I use, by Case Star, can be found here can be found here:

Case Star Universal Clip

tripodclip tripodclip2

You really have to hold it in your hand to “get” how it works, but it’s easy to figure out. The “Universal” part of the description refers to the fact that it fits the screw on most tripods (6mm).

WIll work with the mini iPad too, but I would recommend a smaller clip for phones.

Important tip – iPad and iPhone videos are huge filee. There are apps that compress them, but for the best quality, you have get them into your computer, where you can use iMovie or some other editor to create smaller files.



  1. I often wondered what you used. Thanks for this! I will recommend these to the university where I work. My group is beginning to deliver webinars now and since we lost our offices this equipment will help us to present “on the go.”

    Miss you!
    Vivian 🙂

  2. Thanks, Jessica, for answering my question. I just ordered from Amazon via your links. I also got the small gadget/mini tripod for my iPhone. I havent’t tried to create movies yet, other than short ones of my granddaughter. One of my 2015 goals is to start doing more with my photography including videos. I have my trusty iPad and my iPhone 5. I can do this, with a bit of practice. Here’s an idea, if you haven’t already created one of your super e-books: write one on creating videos. Maybe you’ve already done that and it is in one of the e-books I purchased.
    Beautiful here in Scottsday at LaQuinta. Tomorrow I visit my mom for several hours and then head home to Flagstff.

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