Sleeping with a Kitten Who Snores


2016 has been a year of crazy – and that aspect is still going strong. It has been chock full of the good, bad, and the ugly, and I don’t like dwelling on the bad or ugly, so I will just concentrate on what is good . . .

Extra time has been in short supply (the new gallery is doing VERY well, thank you), and I have almost disappeared from the internet scene except for Instagram, which I love because it is so easy, and Facebook only because my Instagram posts repeat there automatically. I didn’t even post to Instagram for a couple weeks because I didn’t feel motivated to do so.

I can’t handle Facebook right now with all the vitriol floating about. I never open my newsfeed without seeing something I do not want to see or think about, so for the time being, I am avoiding it altogether.

For the first time in twenty some years, I actually pondered disappearing from the internet altogether. That was an interesting thought process because it would be SO different for me.

Sheer Heaven is going away in a graceful manner – without much hoopla or drama, I have two real life businesses (gallery and vacation rental) which have very little to do with the web, and that can be handled with my iPhone.

So I sat in the garden and really pondered the idea. What would I miss?

And the main answer to that, my dear readers, was YOU.

You have been such a supportive and loving and creative audience through all these years. I so enjoy our conversations and the friends I have made in real life because of online connections.

I would miss writing. I really enjoy writing though I have never really considered it my art form. And it’s best to write for an audience!

I do like to share insights, art tricks, journal and sketchbook pages, and stories. I like to read a few awesome blogs and look at pictures on Pinterest.

I like taking workshops on

So, I think I have to stay connected.

But it HAS TO BE simple. I can no longer tolerate having multiple websites, blogs, and Shopping Carts. If the job of keeping an online presence is too complicated, I know I won’t do it.

And, my favorite web design software (Freeway Pro by SoftPress) is no longer going to be supported because the company who makes it is quitting.

So, I have a new plan.

I bought a Macbook Air which I can carry around as easily as an iPad. It has a 12 hour battery life so it can be easily at hand no matter where I am.

And I have decided to combine everything into ONE Squarespace website. I like their sophisticated design and the ability to include multi-media in very creative ways. The learning curve is steep but I am climbing it, and I know you are going to love the result. will be a beautiful and inspiring creative space where Art-Full Life (this blog) can live in a better magazine format, and where I can easily share so much more information and even showcase my own work..

There won’t be any more Sheer Heaven, unfortunately, but I will bring forward and continue to develop my workshops, workbooks, and artful ebooks.

I will also offer my current creations (jewelry, glass, prints and paintings) for sale in a shop which will be part of the new site.

I have recently been studying the newest batch of “lifestyle” magazines which are based on mindfulness, wellness, and creative living. I have a favorite which I will be sharing with you in a review, and it has inspired my new direction.

If I can enjoy that one magazine to the extent that I do, I know I can offer at least that fine an experience to you in this new platform.

Now, what does all of this have to do with a kitten who snores?

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I adopted a kitten named “Grace” back in May.


She was found wandering all by herself (3 weeks old) in a yard in Santa Fe. Felines & Friends rescued her and I adopted her. Actually had to foster to adopt because she wasn’t old enough, but we all knew she was “home”.

Because of a chronic congestion issue, which they say she will mostly grow out of, Gracie does indeed snore.

I have grown used to snoring pets over the years, but this one wakes me up because she is snoring in my ear.

She is snoring in my ear because she is sleeping across my eyes like a furry sleep mask, and her nose is in my ear.

Sleep masks are supposed to keep out the light and help you to sleep better. This sleep mask is not working out so well in that regard. And it doesn’t hold still.

The oft-heard refrain around here is: “Grace . . . Grace . . . get offa my face!”

Here is the photo I use on my home screen (iPhone). This was taken just before she came home with me. You can see WHY she came home with me, right?


The photo at the top of the post was taken a couple days ago.  Grace is now almost 5 months old and has grown a lot.

She has made friends with two of the three Huskies . . .


And she even has periods of time when she is perfectly behaved. . . sleepinggrace

We’ll see you next time. Hope all is well with you.





  1. So delighted, as usual, to get an update of your life. I do truly understand the whirlwind of the social media even though I’m mostly a spectator. We have to use this technical nightmare if we want to be current in this culture, but I’ve often thought, like you perhaps – “is it possible to really drop out of this madness?” I have to have the people connection, too. The connection with you, your ART, your wit and all you bring to the table always gives me a “warm, homey” feeling. I pretty much cut my artistic teeth/brush with your help and patience and still enjoy your wonderful ART, and your personal stories. I’m so glad the Gallery is doing well and hope it is continually successful. I’m thankful to have been introduced to Sheer Heaven as well. Sorry it will no longer be available, tho. Thinking of you and looking forward to the next giant step…..

  2. Diana, You have made my day with your really thoughtful comment, as you always do! The next step will be giant in some ways, but really also a coming home to what I want my web experience to be.

  3. Dear Jessica;
    > I would miss writing. I really enjoy writing though I have never really considered it my art form. And it’s best to write for an audience!
    I for one have been missing your delightful musings. Sure, Instagram is a great tool/program to post pictures but I miss you and your thoughtful insights, the real heart and soul of Jessica.
    We, too, have “adopted” a cat or perhaps I should say that the cat adopted us. It was a stray that took up residence as a squatter upstairs in our garage. It took about six weeks before she finally warmed up to us. She is a bit skittish as she doesn’t want to be picked up/held. But we can respect that. Meanwhile she has made friends with our dog but not so much with our other cat, Pish. The stray we named Ole One Eye as she is blind in her left eye. As we live in the country in Michigan and have 30 acres, we think that she was abandoned by someone. Ole One Eye doesn’t snore but she is a talker – the most verbal cat I have ever heard.
    FYI, I was really excited to see your email in my inbox! Looking forward to each and every one. Thanks.
    A fan indeed,

  4. Bless you for making Ole One Eye a loving home. We were shocked that our 11 year old cat took to Grace right away, but we still have the Husky-Malamute who thinks she might be a snack, so there is still a lot of protection going on. We rescued him surviving on his own in the wilderness, so it’s instinct, but it gets better as Gracie gets bigger and he loves our other cat.

  5. So CUTE!!! Try giving her homeopathic chamomile pills (I like Hyland’s brand). They dissolve in her mouth and she will like them. Just one-get the lower dose (this will not hurt her by the way-I gave it to my kitten). It’s really helps their respiratory. Izzy snored a lot and the chamomile helped with that and his allergies (he seemed to have hay fever). He’s outgrown all of that, thank goodness, but give it a whirl.

  6. I rescued a kitten with congestion and have had her on lysine for 8 years. It really helps. Get the tabs and crush them to mix in her food.

  7. Hi Jessica! Gracie is so very adorable! Am really missing my “Flea Bag” who decided to go to the moon after 22 years, the beginning of July. My Maggie May is still hanging on, she’s 17 & spends most of her time in LaLa land. Watching after her is a challenge sometimes….. All is well here…..took 2 Craftsy weaving classes…& Jerry built me an Inkle loom for band & tablet weaving. Gota change things up a bit every once in awhile…
    Take care!

  8. I haven’t even heard of Squarespace but I do understand the feeling of wanting to shut down on Facebook. So what is the relationship between Grace and the third dog? Is it the dog or the cat who holds back or, gives too much unwanted attention? With mine, two of the dogs just aren’t interested in my cat nor she them but the littlest and youngest dog goes after her to play or just to bug her and she either tolerates it or gives some back. I figure it gives my indoor kitty something to deal with and a little activity!

  9. Thank you, Paula and Debbie for those suggestions. I will definitely explore them. Glad you like Grace, Aunt Vesta. She wants to meet you.
    Timaree, the relationship with the third dog (a 100 lb Malamute/Husky mix), is that he still goes into prey mode with her and she is (rightly) afraid of him. He loves our older cat and we are working to get him to recognize Grace as another cat. We even have reverted to having him wear a muzzle during “meet- ups”. Any and all suggestions on this situation would be appreciated!

  10. PS – he did survive on his own as a puppy and young dog by eating small animals in the woods.

  11. Cuteness overload! I am a firm believer that animals choose YOU, so Grace has joined your family! BTW, it seems like I’ve read or heard that Jackson Galaxy the cat behaviorist has suggested that you rub a towel on the dog or an animal he likes and then rub it on the kitten to make her smell more acceptable.

    I’m with you on the Facebook thing. The news too. I am so weary of the hate and hatred. But I will follow you any place/site you go, my dear friend! I can’t imagine doing without your writings.

  12. P.S. Hope those comments made sense to you! I think the whole idea is to change the kitten’s smell to one that the dog will accept into his pack. You know your dog, so perhaps this will give you an idea. Good luck.

  13. Just wanted to say “Hi”, to you Jessica, it’s been a long time! Glad to know that all is well with you and yours. (Smile). Also will be looking forward to seeing and reading your posts again. More later.

  14. She is a pretty kitty. And she looks so at home at your house. Congratulations on the family expansion. I still have the package of SHEER HEAVEN that I got from you in Santa Fe. If you get a request and you can’t fill the order, please let me know. I think there are approx. 50 sheets. I tried it and it just didn’t work well for me.
    I also appreciate your decision to get off the Internet. I haven’t done any posting in over a week because I haven’t had the desire to do so since I fell and got 2 fractured vertebrae in my back. Wearing the back brace isn’t fun and sitting isn’t comfortable. I could easily do some IG postings if I just get my self in gear. Okay, after reading 2 days worth of email, I’m going to IG and post a photo of something I just shot.

  15. Jessica – would you write about your purchasing a new MacBookAire instead of a MacBook Pro. I sure would appreciate anything that was part of your decision for one laptop over the other.
    Thanks, Marrianna

  16. So glad to hear you and the gallery are doing well…..I too perked up when I saw the new post from you. I know that no matter what topic you write about, I enjoy reading it! Congrats on the new addition to your family!!! She is precious! I can see her as a mask when she was kitten size, but the one at 5 months looks like she might smother you! Gorgeous markings! Hope you can settle the last dog holdout…the suggestion from Jackson Galaxy thru Jeanne sounds like a good bet…he certainly has solved a lot of kitty issues.

    Looking forward to the next path you choose! I’ll be following along like one of your faithful furry kids!

  17. Jessica,
    I love hearing from you. I’m glad you will continue to have a web presence. I think of you often as I work on my photography. You have given me such a great gift.

    I’m ok if you post periodically. I can’t read everything on the web, but I do read most of what you write. Not only because I enjoy your talented writing skills and subject matter, but mostly because I care about you and want to stay in touch.

    I have had a SquareSpace account for our horsemanship business. And you are right about the learning curve. Then recently I had a brain break through and now I am working on my website for my art. I have it started and I do like how professional SquareSpace looks.

    Cathy in AZ

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